Baby Gill # 2 - 34 Weeks

How far along?

34 weeks! Time is flying!

Maternity clothes?
Still yes, for the most part. Long tanks and a few select tops still fit over the bump, but not many these days!


Actually pretty bad this week. Huck seems to be hanging out pretty low these days, resulting in lots of lower back pain and the return of some decently bad sciatica.

Best moment this week:
An impromptu camping weekend with friends this weekend and getting a nice long weekend to enjoy as a family before Luke heads back to work on Tuesday!

Miss Anything?
Walking without the pregnancy waddle ;)

All. The. Time. My belly is a constant wave of motion from this little dude!

Food cravings:
Juice and fizzy drinks. Basically anything other than water.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Apparently Huck isn't a huge fan of zucchini bread. Definitely had to briskly walk to the bathroom at work the other morning for a solid power puke. I have not missed morning sickness, and I'm hopeful that it isn't making its return!

Little man :)

Labor Signs:

A bit of pelvic pain, back pain (as noted above), and a tiny bladder.

Belly Button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off?
On :)

Happy or Moody most of the time:
I'd say about 50/50.

Looking forward to:
Bills season, the start of fall, and meeting our baby boy! Only 5-6 weeks to go and although I'm nervous to go through the whole labor/childbirth process again, and a little nervous about having TWO kids, I am so excited to welcome him into our world! :)

MJ and Me - 34 Weeks

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