Baby Gill #2 - 33 Weeks

How far along?
33 weeks! Time is flying!

Maternity clothes?
Unfortunately, almost exclusively.

Much better now that my tooth is fixed, but waking up at least once a night this week to go to the bathroom. Henry is getting big in there and my bladder is feeling it!

Best moment this week:
Spending the week in the Adirondacks last week with my little family and my in-laws. Family hikes, exploring, Wahoo nights, and enjoying as much peace and quiet as you can with three little girls 4 and under running around all week! ;)

Miss Anything?
Definitely missing my wine! I also miss picking Marleigh up and holding her for long periods of time. She's just getting too darn big!

Crazy movement almost all day long. I was just telling Luke that I don't remember Marleigh moving so much, but judging by my 33 week post with her, she was a mover and shaker (literally!) just like her little brother!

Food cravings:
Salty snacks. Not good for my waistline (or for bloating).

Anything making you queasy or sick:
I had a few major carsick episodes this past week while riding on the winding roads through the mountains and exploring new campgrounds. We had to pull over a couple times for it, even though I swore I had reached my vomiting quota for the year (or my lifetime).


Labor Signs:

I'm pretty sure my belly is getting bigger by the minute. I also noticed a tiny  bit of swelling in my feet this past week, but nothing major, thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out?
It's now visible through most of my shirts, so I think it's safe to say it's out.

Wedding rings on or off?
STILL on! I'm amazed and really excited about this.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy camper :)

Looking forward to:
Football season, fall weather, and meeting this little boy of ours! It's still so surreal to me that we are going to be adding another person to our family soon. These past few weeks have gone by so fast, and I have a feeling the next six(ish) are going to follow suit!

Marleigh & me - 33 weeks

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