Baby Gill # 2 - 32 Weeks

How far along?
32 weeks!

Maternity clothes?
You bet. I tried shopping for normal human clothes at Target this past week to gear up for our vacation. Thank goodness for fitting rooms, or I would have been returning everything! If it wasn't too short, it was too blousy. If it was long enough, it was super tight. And what's with the giant armpit holes in tank tops these days?! I think I'll just stick to layering tanks and my Old Navy maternity jeans. I digress.

Still recovering from my tooth pain/root canal. Hoping that better sleep is in my immediate future!

Best moment this week:
The fact that it's the last week of work before a week long vacation. Ahh, relaxation!

Miss Anything?
If I'm being honest, I miss margaritas and wine a whole lot.

All day every day! Little man never stops!

Food cravings:
Nothing to note.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
No :)


Labor Signs:
Nothing yet!

Just a growing belly

Belly Button in or out?
Pretty much completely out now.

Wedding rings on or off?
Still on!

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy, but tired.

Looking forward to:
Heading to the ADK bright and early Saturday morning!

Marleigh & me at 32 weeks

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