So once again, life has been hectic and this little blog of mine is starting to get away from me. I feel so bad that I have fallen behind with my weekly Huck updates, although I can assure you that our little man is never out of my mind! With less than two months until his due date, we have been working hard trying to set up the kids' shared room, taking stock of our newborn essentials, and mentally preparing for sleepless nights,newborn squeaks, and adding lots more love to our little family!

As if that wasn't enough to look forward to, Luke recently landed a great new job at a rural school district (goodbye, Buffalo Public!) where he will be teaching 6-12 technology starting this fall. We are so excited and can't wait for him to start this new journey in his career! With the new job comes even more new things -- like hopefully a new house! We are going to look at a cute little cape cod tonight for the second time, my father in law will be listing the house we currently live in soon (we rent from him for the time being), and we are hoping and praying that the timing works out and we can find a new place to rest our heads real soon! Going through the house hunting/buying process while 7+ months pregnant is going to be a bit taxing (both emotionally and physically - mostly emotionally!), but I'm really looking forward to a fresh start for us with a place to truly call our own.

We leave this weekend for a week long trip to the Adirondack mountains with Luke's family, and I am definitely looking forward to some lazy afternoons on the lake and enjoying some quality family time before Luke heads back to work when we get home. It has been so wonderful having him home with us this summer, and not having him around come September is definitely going to take some getting used to again!

Marleigh Jo will be turning TWO in just a few weeks and she is still keeping us on our toes on the daily. Her personality is truly one of a kind - she is hilarious and sassy, smart and sweet, and has a very strong stubborn streak. She makes us laugh to the point of tears almost every day, she melts our hearts, and she is just the best little girl. We are so proud of her, and we aren't afraid to boast about it! ;)  I'm looking forward to watching her fall into the role of "big sister" soon, and although it is going to be a big adjustment for her, I know she will be the best helper and such a loving sister to "Henny."

Overall, things have been really, really good around here (besides the fact that I need a root canal this Thursday. I may or may not be trying to avoid that little fact). We are so richly blessed each and every day!

Over and out! ;)

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