Marleigh and Me: 32 weeks!

How far along?
32 weeks!
Maternity clothes?
Yes and no. I’ve been making some of my “normal” tank tops work lately, which is nice. But as far as bottoms go, it’s maxi skirts and maternity capris/jeans. I have yet to find a cute pair of maternity shorts. I’m starting to think they don’t actually exist…! 

Decent. My ribs have started getting sore again lately through the night – probably because little peanut is growing so fast and running out of room in there. On the plus side, I made it 2 nights this past week without waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which is basically a miracle!

Best moment this week:
Decorating Marleigh’s nursery all day on Sunday and having the day off with my handsome hubby yesterday! We are just waiting on the rug for her room to come in (should be arriving today) and her room will be complete! This makes me a very happy momma.

Miss Anything?
Throwing on an outfit quick and looking decent without 15 minutes of thought and 5 hit-and-miss attempts. Also… where did all of that 2nd trimester energy disappear to?!

Ninja kicks have turned into lots of squirms and wiggles, with a few twitches here and there. I think she’s going to be like her daddy – she never seems to sit still lately!

Food cravings:
Pink lemonade Arnold Palmer, and basically anything sweet. Also, freezie pops! I have at least one every night.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
For some reason earlier this week, my Apple Jacks that I enjoyed for breakfast did not sit well in my stomach, and I was given a flashback to the first trimester morning sickness. Fortunately, it seems it was a fluke. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, even despite this awful heat and humidity.

It’s a girl!

Labor Signs:
Nadda. Still waiting to experience the Braxton Hicks contractions, although I’m completely OK with contractions not making an appearance until the real deal!

Just the usual swelling and slight discomfort. Also, I’ve been feeling really tired lately.

Belly Button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off?
They come and go, depending on how closely my fingers are resembling sausages that day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:

Looking forward to:
Meeting our little girl! I’m getting so anxious to see her little face and hold her in my arms. Not too much longer now!

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