10 Things Thursday

With August quickly approaching and the weekends filling up fast, this little mommy is starting to get a little overwhelmed with our busy calendar. In an attempt to slow it down and make the most of mine & Luke's last few weeks with just the two of us, I decided to make a little list of things to do (and ENJOY) before we become a family of three!

This little list will soon be stuck to our fridge, staring us in the face, and hopefully getting checked off in the upcoming weeks! Some of the things will be enjoyed together, some of them will be done solo, and some aren't even listed here (For example, I'm sure Luke has his own list of things he wants to do before baby girl comes... but his will likely look like a lot more work and less like play/relaxation, since he's a workaholic)! I'm hoping that we can find the time to do at least some of these things and truly enjoy these next 40-something days together, before life as we know it is drastically changed!

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