Baby Gill # 2 - 38 Weeks

How far along?
38 weeks. Oh. My. Gosh. In two weeks, we are going to have TWO kids!

Maternity clothes?
Like they're running out of style (because they are).

Anyone who tells you to "sleep before the baby comes" has clearly never been 38 weeks pregnant. Everything hurts all the time, my bladder constantly feels full, and my brain will not shut down at night for the life of me.

Best moment this week:
Having my mom moved out of ICU this weekend and the possibility of her being HOME tomorrow!!

Miss Anything?
Feeling like a normal human. And I miss my mommy.  A lot. I don't even care if I'm too old to say that.

Lots of wiggles and squirms, and a few hard jabs here and there. He's also been sticking what I'm guessing is his little foot right underneath my right ribcage, which is super pleasant ;)

Food cravings:
I've been craving bulk candy lately like nobody's business, but I've been resisting the temptation so far.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Little guy!

Labor Signs:
Not really, I don't think. I have another check up on Tuesday, so we'll see if Huck is making any progress in there!

This little thing called "lightning crotch." Very appropriately named. Very painful. Also, tons of pelvic pain and pressure and the return of pretty bad sciatica, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep or when I'm crawling in and out of bed.

Belly Button in or out?Out

Wedding rings on or off?STILL on! It's a pregnancy miracle!

Happy or Moody most of the time:My emotions are all over the place these days.

Looking forward to:My mommy being out of the hospital and returning to life as normal, and of course meeting this baby boy SO soon! September was a rough month. I'm looking forward to a much, MUCH happier October. It is the best month of the entire year, after all :)

MJ and Me - 38 Weeks

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