Mother's Day Wishlist

Last year was my first official Mother's Day, and I had big plans to celebrate it, including an all-you-can-eat brunch and being spoiled all day by my lovely husband.

Unfortunately, my immune system had other plans. You can read about it here, if you really want. Otherwise, I'll spare you the details. Let's just say I didn't go anywhere besides the bed, the couch, and the bathroom all day. It wasn't exactly how I pictured the day going. 

This year, things will (hopefully) be different. We, again, have plans to go to brunch with my parents in the morning, and besides that, we have an entire day with no plans and no agenda - which are my favorite kinds of days. 

The only thing I told Luke I wanted this Mother's Day is an entire day and night to just get away with him. A mini staycation of sorts. I don't care where we go and all I want to do is a whole lot of nothing. The only requirements? A soft bed, fluffy pillows, and a solid room service menu to choose from! We decided to make this our joint Mother's Day/Father's Day gift to each other, since we could both use a little R&R, and I can't wait to plan our weekend getaway for sometime soon!

That being said, there are a few other things I've had my eye on lately that would be nice bonuses this Mother's Day. I'm not expecting any of them -- especially because they're not quite little gifts, but a girl can dream, right?!

First things first, a new diaper bag. Since I'm going to be a new mommy of two, two and under, I'm going to need something that I can tote around with me that's big enough to hold the essentials without all the extra bulk of a normal diaper bag. That's where this beauty comes in. I love that you can adjust the straps to wear this bag three ways, and the special diaper bag insert would make it so simple to switch from normal purse to mom-mode in a pinch! And it's on sale right now for only $260 ;) Perfect!

Next up, a new blog design. I've been dabbling in creating my own blog headers and sidebars for a couple years now, and I can never seem to get them to line up with the visions I have in mind. Now that I've decided to change the name of this blog over to "Camp Gill," I want something that really captures my little family of happy campers and the places and things we love, while still keeping it simple. This would help me tremendously!

Lastly,  some new maternity clothes would be nice. These or this in particular. Most anything from here, too.

Most importantly, I just really want to have a puke and sickness free day to enjoy with my little fam! And maybe a little sunshine, but that's probably asking a little bit too much. ;)

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