Baby Bow Ties

 Today, I finally got around to ordering Henry his first outfit(s) online. I have been feeling so guilty for waiting this long to do it. When we had the ultrasound to find out Marleigh was a girl, we rushed to Target that night to pick out her first items of clothing. We stopped over to Party City to buy a single pink balloon so that we could announce the news to our families (and on Facebook and the blog). We were so excited and so giddy to finally know the little girl who was growing in my belly!

Maybe it's the fact that we found out way earlier than we were planning to, or maybe just because it's not our first time at the rodeo, but our ultrasound and "gender reveal" was a month ago and we still hadn't purchased anything for our precious little boy. Now, don't get me wrong. We were/are definitely not in the least bit less excited about the fact that Huck is a boy. In fact, we both may or may not have cried complete tears of joy when that ultrasound tech told us the news (hint:we did)! I think I'm still in a little bit of shock, a month later, that I am going to have a son. Little girls are all I know, so finding out we are having a boy has sort of thrown me for a loop - in a good way! I can't wait to experience life with him and his big sister, and I know we are in for lots of laughs watching our two goofy little kids growing up together.

Today, after a month of scouring and looking for the perfect items, I clicked "purchase" and bought Huck the cutest little outfits from H&M. I was going to stick to Baby Gap, but a tiny little bow tie and precious baby baseball jacket did me in, and I just couldn't resist them! I can just picture bringing our little bundle of joy home in that bow tie and onesie with the slouchy baby sweatpants. As much as I want to really cherish this pregnancy, I cannot wait for the beautiful October day when he makes his grand debut in our world!

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