Baby Gill #2 - 17 weeks

How far along?
17 weeks

Maternity clothes?
Still pretty much just pants. My mom bought me a new pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy (online) and I was so excited when they came in and fit me perfect -- until I looked down and realized that they were about 5 inches too long. Who really has that long of legs, Old Navy? Seriously. So I guess thus began my maternity clothes shopping frustrations!

I've been sleeping good still. Up every now and then for a quick bathroom trip, but then I've been able to fall back asleep quickly, which I'm thankful for.

Best moment this week:
Getting to my parents' house after work last night for dinner and having Marleigh sprint towards me screaming "Mommy!" with her arms up in the air :)  She makes me feel pretty special!

Miss Anything?
Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so you could say that I miss margaritas a bit.

I fell asleep to baby wiggles in my belly the other night, and I had almost forgotten how amazing it feels! The movement has been more frequent and more noticeable lately, but still nothing too extreme.

Food cravings:
I may or may not have devoured an entire can of BBQ Pringles yesterday. So there's that... (don't judge me.)

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Not really. I have been really trying to wean myself from taking the Zofran but I discovered that quitting cold turkey is not really the best plan. After two days without taking anything, I woke up the next morning and was reacquainted with the porcelain throne... so I'm sticking to taking the medicine in the mornings and hoping that someday soon I can quit altogether.

Boy! His first outfits that I ordered should be here soon and I can't wait!

Labor Signs:

A growing baby bump :) My sciatica still comes and goes but it has been pretty mild this week. I'll take it!

Belly Button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off?

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy :) 

Looking forward to:
Our next ultrasound in a couple weeks to check in on our littlest love. Also, T-18 days until Memorial Day camping in the Adirondacks and our camper's maiden voyage!

Just for fun - click here for my 17 week update from Marleigh!

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