A Mother's Day to Remember (or forget)

Remember the Pukefest I mentioned in the last post? Yeah, that... those pesky germs caught up with me on Saturday night (or morning... 4AM to be exact) when I was jolted from a deep sleep with the sudden urge to throw up. This continued for 12 hours. I spent my Mother's Day between our bed, the bathroom, and the couch; trying my hardest not to get too close to Marleigh, all the while wanting to hug and kiss her and play with her and Luke in the living room.

My first official Mother's Day was far less than ideal. But throughout the day, I caught little glimpses of how beautiful my life is. Glimpses of our little girl taking a nap on her daddy's chest; of her big gummy smiles as soon as I walked into the room; of her new-found sense of independence while she played and entertained herself with her books and blocks. And although I spent the better portion of my day with my head in the toilet and the other parts trying not to toss my cookies, I was grateful, and am grateful, for this amazing life we have created together. For my little girl... the bright ray of sunshine who made me a mommy.

Here's to hoping your Mother's Day was a little more exciting than mine was! And cheers to all of you fabulous mommas out there! xoxo

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