Pukefest 2013

This past week, my beautiful sister in law gave birth to her second baby girl, Cora Grace. She is 7lbs 4oz of miracle, and we are very much in love with our new little niece already!

Anyhoo... since her parents were obviously very busy taking in all of her newborn newness in the hospital this week, "Uncle Ukey" and I had the honor to have a slumber party with Avalee (their oldest daughter, who is 3) last night.

She got dropped off at our house pretty late, around 8:30, and I was just getting done rocking Marleigh to sleep. It wasn't long into our night of movie-watching that Ava told us her belly was hurting her. She asked for her "O's" and told us they would help her feel better, so we obliged. About an hour later, we were finally getting ready to hit the hay for the night.

Ava and I crawled into our bed, which we dragged out into the living room for the night, while Luke slept on the couch behind us. She was restless and whiney, and saying that her belly hurt and she wanted her mommy and daddy. Shrugging it off, I told her that she would see them sooner if she fell asleep and rubbed her back for a while, hoping she would drift off to dreamland.

Not even 10 minutes later, Ava sprung up in bed and started coughing. I knew what was coming, but I couldn't move fast enough to carry her into the bathroom, and before I knew it, there was toddler throw up all over our bed. Poor little Ava was so upset and didn't know what was going on. She started crying pretty loud, which of course woke Marleigh (who is cutting 4 teeth) up, and our house was soon filled with the sound of crying!

Four individual puking episodes later, we decided to call Brian (Ava's daddy) at the hospital. About an hour later, he was at our house to pick her up, and he took her home to sleep in her own bed for the night.

Luke and I finally changed our sheets (for the 3rd time) and plopped ourselves into bed at around 1 AM, praying that Marleigh wouldn't wake up until the morning! She slept until 6:30, thank God.

Last night was a very real glimpse at life with two children. Puking and teething and crying and lots of not sleeping, with Luke and I running around like crazy trying to tend to both girls!

Needless to say, I think we'll be waiting a while before we think about bringing Baby Gill #2 into our family... unless, of course, God has other plans for us again ;)

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