Henry Russell - 8 & 9 months

Here I go again being the worst at keeping up-to-date with this blog. As per usual, the summer has been crazy busy so far with lots of camping excursions and hardly being home! Add in me picking up a couple new freelance clients and filling in as a legal administrative assistant at work rather than just typing hearing reports all day, and my brain is pretty much 99% scrambled by the time we tuck the kids into bed at the end of the day!

Without further adieu... here is a brief recap of our Huckles. I've decided to combine the 8 & 9 month posts because, well, he's 9 months old as of 2.5 weeks ago and apparently I never got around to writing up his recap at 8 months, although I am pretty proud of myself for at least snapping a picture to document it! (9 month photo taken closer to 10 months, but who's keeping score?)

At 9 months, Huck is...

Sleeping through the night consistently, with the exception of a few rough nights thrown in just to keep us on our toes. We let him fall asleep with a bottle, just like his sissy used to like.

Sprouting teeth like it's his job! We are now up to 6 total (4 on top, 2 on bottom) but I swear you can see every single one of his top teeth waiting just behind his gums. We joke that we're just going to wake up this morning and he's going to have a "full grill!"

Eating anything and everything he can get his hands on (sand, dirt, and grass included). He hasn't had baby food in a little over a month. His favorite foods so far seem to be hotdogs, oranges, oatmeal, yogurt, and cheerios. He also devours entire containers of Puffs and Crunchies.

SO. LOUD. We can't wait for this little guy to learn how to talk because his screaming is out of control! We call him our screech owl. He screams when he's frustrated, when he wants up, when he's hungry, or when he wants something. Luke has asked me on multiple occasions if there is any blood coming from his ears after a screeching episode. I can't even exaggerate how awful of a sound it is! Definitely ready for this phase to be over with!

A loverboy. He snuggles in and gives the best hugs when he's sleepy or being bashful. He still has the best smile in the world and his dimples are just as prominent as they have been since day 1. I could be having the worst day and he could look up at me and grin and all is right with the world!

Super ticklish! Especially under his armpits and on his thighs. His chuckle is so contagious!

Stubborn. Go figure!

Big! Although he doesn't top the charts from the doctors, he's huge in our books in comparison to how Marleigh has always been. He's wearing anywhere from 9-18 month shirts depending on the brand, and at least 12 month bottoms for his chubby legs! He has two pairs of 18 month jeans that fit him with the exception of having to roll them up at the bottom because they're too long. Welcome to life with Griffith legs, Huck! haha.

On the go! He hasn't shown much (or any) interest in walking yet, but this kid can crawl at the speed of light and is constantly pulling himself up (and sometimes over) things. He keeps us busy, that's for sure! I don't think I've seen him sit still, besides when he's sleeping of course, for more than 10 seconds at a time since he's been able to crawl.

Standing up by himself. He'll stand for 10-15 seconds at a time (only if he's really interested in something to distract him) and then drops to his little butt as soon as he realizes what he's doing. It's just as scary for all of us. TWO walking/running children soon? Look out!

Our challenging child and my absolute favorite little boy!

Life with a 9 month old and an almost three year old is pretty tiring. I often find myself counting down the minutes until Huck's next nap (he still takes two a day.. hallelujah!) because he's SO BUSY all. the time. I try to remind myself to cherish the moments with him while he's still little, even if that means I don't sit down for more than 2 consecutive minutes in a day! I know by experience how fast these days pass by. Before I know it, Huck will be joining his sister in Terrible Two Land and the days of chasing him as he sea-turtle crawls as fast as he can will be a distant memory. I am trying to soak up all of his quirky baby-ness, even the loud parts, so I can look back at them some day and laugh (and probably cry because I miss it) (and embarrass him in front of all his friends with videos of his screech owl call)!

Oh, Henny – I am so glad that God chose me to be your mommy! Your laughter fills the room and your smiles and snuggles fill my heart even more. Watching you grow these past 9 months has been an absolute gift. You've come a long way from your constantly crying newborn days and I am so thankful for your silly, sweet personality! My little sunshine boy. My Huckles. I love you, bubba! 

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