Henry Russell - 10 months

Summer is coming to a close, and it has been a wonderful one to say the least! We have been incredibly busy with camping, family vacations, house projects, and getting ready to start another year in the classroom for Luke and a new job for myself. As per usual, I'm writing this post a couple weeks late, but I didn't want to let another month go by without our monthly Huckles update!

At 10 months, Huck is furniture cruising like nobody's business and taking 2-3 baby steps at a time on his own. Luke and I took bets last night on when we think he'll be officially walking and we both gave it about two weeks until he's mobile and getting into even more trouble than usual!

Huck is our wild child through and through. He rifles through the DVDs from our entertainment center, climbs on anything and everything he can, is constantly hitting his head on things (poor kid), and gives Marleigh and Luke a run for their money during their daily wrestling antics. He is still loud with his screeching and screaming, but he's starting to develop a couple more "words" (or syllables), mainly "Ba" (ball), "Mama" (for pretty much everything, although I like to think he's really saying my name of course), "da," and the latest – "Papa" – which my dad is clearly thrilled about! I'm hoping that when he continues to learn to talk, the screeching will cease. Time will tell! 

He is sleeping through the night consistently and lets us know he's tired by around 7:30 every night. He is still taking two naps a day, but the morning nap is getting shorter and shorter and he's skipped it a couple of times, which makes me think that it won't be long until it's phased out altogether. His afternoon nap usually lasts a solid 2-3 hours, which usually gives me just enough time to clean up the house from his destruction before he wakes up again! 

Huck still loves his big sister, who only ever calls him "Huckles," and she is really sweet to him for the most part, even when he annoys her by stealing her toys and trying to eat her Play Doh. I am excited to see how their relationship grows once he is walking and able to actually play with her a little bit more! (Side note: the other day, Marleigh wanted so desperately for her baby brother to sit on the couch and watch a movie with her. We put him next to her and he was over it within 5 seconds. Poor Mar..! Maybe someday Huck will sit still! haha)

Besides a couple of moody days here and there, our Huckledoo is such a smily, happy boy. I really have never seen a kid whose smile can melt people the way his does. I can't believe it has been 10 months since he entered our world. I'm definitely starting to feel all the feels as we near his first birthday...!

We love you, Henry! Thanks for keeping us on our toes and melting our hearts on a daily basis. We are so proud of you and even more proud to call you our son. I hope you never lose your silly demeanor, your stubborn attitude, or – most importantly – your big dimples! ;) 
Happy 10 months, bubs!

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