Henry Russell - 7 months

Oh, this boy...! I don't even know where to start on our Huckles. His first few months of life started off a bit rocky with him being super fussy and pretty miserable most times, but now? Huck is the brightest little ray of sunshine I've ever seen! His dimply smile melts my heart more than anything. 

He is the snuggliest little man and always good for a "hug." He loves being close to people (especially his Mimi, mommy, and daddy!) but even more so, he loves to explore. Since he started crawling at around 5 months old, he has been on the move and keeping us busy constantly. He's into everything and furniture cruises like nobody's business. He is speedy when he gets his mind set on something – usually the step into our dining room – and we have to literally run to the kitchen to stop him from tumbling down it multiple times a day. He can prop himself up to standing up on any flat surface (even walls) and I don't think it will be long until he figures out how to stand on his own and walk. He's determined and fearless, which scares me a little bit for what our future holds with this little bruiser!

At 7 months, Huck is eating three meals of baby food a day and would devour an entire container of Puffs in one sitting if we let him. His first little bottom tooth is almost all the way through his gums, and I think there's another one on its way next to it. I always miss the gummy smile phase but I am excited to start being able to experiment with new foods for him soon! 

"Huckles" still loves his big sister more than anything in the universe and their relationship is really starting to form now that he is more active and grabbing for her toys more often. We're trying to teach Marleigh to be a good teacher for him and "maybe try reading him the book instead of grabbing it from him!" so we'll see how that goes ;) I want them to be built-in best friends so establishing a healthy dynamic with them early on is really important to us.

Huck loves Bob Zoom on Netflix, playing peek-a-boo, his sock monkey stuffed animal, playing with his baby spoons, and "booping" Hans in the head. He laughs at almost anything you do and his little chuckle is the best sound. He's also just about the most ticklish little thing I've ever seen, so we get good belly laughs out of him all the time!

He's sleeping pretty well lately (with the exception of a few rough nights here and there from teething and a little head cold he's had this past week). He falls asleep by 8:00 every night usually after a nice bubble bath, and will sleep through the night pretty consistently until around 6:15, maybe waking up one time somewhere between 2-4am. 

Huck is our big boy, wearing size 12 month shirts/tops and 12 month or 12-18 month bottoms. He wears a size 3 shoe but we have to go at least to 12-18 months with his socks unless we want to cut his circulation off at his ankles! We joke that he is built like his Papa, and he has the curse of the Griffith legs for sure! ;)

We're all super excited for the start of camping season this weekend and for all of the happy family memories that are yet to come with our little boy and his sissy. 

Huckle Doodles,
You're growing so incredibly fast and I find myself in awe of you and all that you are learning and doing with each month that passes. I am so proud to be your mommy and I can't imagine our family without you in it. You were our missing piece. I love your guts out, bubs! 

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