Ned's Notes - The Maiden Voyage

Finally! I've been freed from the confines of a Tupper Ware container in the darkness and made my way into the light of day during the humans' first camping trip of the season. We traveled for what seemed like about two hours until we reached our destination and I was brought out amongst the stones in front of the new home on wheels.

Much to my surprise, there seems to have been a stowaway on the new home. This little fellow with the sparkly hat, who calls himself Norbert. He's okay I guess -- a little flashy for my taste -- but I will admit that it was nice to have someone to share the weekend with.

Norb and I took in the sights at the campground from our designated area on the stones. We witnessed the smallest human (who is actually quite a bit larger now than I remember her) playing in the grass with a bubble machine of some sort and a very large pink ball. She was very interesting to watch -- running back and forth throughout the camp site until she spotted any sort of bug or bee, at which point she would run to one of the larger adults for help and wait until they eventually flew away. She spent a good deal of time picking dandelions from the grass and ate a lot of chips. 

There were a lot of visitors who came to frequent our site. Adult humans who brought food and drinks with them each time. Our owners seemed to be quite proud of our new home on wheels and acted happy to have so many guests around. It was quite an entertaining weekend for us all.

For now, we are packed away - together, this time - in the home on wheels. Rumor has it we are leaving again tomorrow for another trip. We are both hoping for nice weather and that we don't run into any creatures of the night like the raccoon who knocked me over last summer. Either way, it will be a nice change of pace to have weekends outdoors again for the season, and I'm glad that Norb is here to keep me company.

Until next time!
-Ned the Gnome


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  2. Where do you and your family stay while you are in the Adirondacks? I moved this past winter and now live a very short bit away. Have you ever thought of coming to the Thousand Islands? It's probably a little further drive but it is beautiful in the summer with so much to do! Just thought I would throw that out there. If you are ever interested and would like suggestions on where to go let me know! I live in Sackets Harbor which is on Lake Ontario but have inlaws that live 5 minutes from the hub of the Thousand Islands!