We Survived the Buffalo Blizzard

This week, we were hit by the "Buffalo Blizzard" aka "Polar Vortex." Whatever you want to call it, it was snowy and blowy and freezing-freakin'-cold. A nice sheet of snow greeted us out our windows from Monday evening through Wednesday morning, and we experienced being snowed-in with travel bans and two snow days in a row! It was fun and so boring all at the same time.

I cooked us up some comfort food and we watched far too many episodes of The Office on Netflix sprinkled with some Jo Jo's Circus, Jonah the Whale, and Tangled to keep the little rascal happy (Okay... so maybe the Tangled part was more for me). We snuggled, we napped, and we had an overall wonderful couple of days. And then cabin fever snuck up on us and we had to get out of the house. We made a grand adventure to Babies R Us and Walmart, and then headed back home to get in our comfiest clothes (again) and repeat the activities from the days prior.

Today, it's back to business as usual. Luke made it into work safely and Marleigh and I have spent the morning reading books and playing with her Little People farm, and now she's tucked in for a nice snooze. I was supposed to have a client call at 10:45, but the client wasn't there to pick up, so now I'm wasting ample nap time waiting for my phone to ring and praying to God he calls me back before Marleigh wakes up again. I could only be so lucky...!

In other news, I start on yet another new adventure in my professional life next week, as a transcriber at a lawfirm downtown. I have 0 experience doing this, but turns out I type pretty quick so I was hired on the spot! I'm actually sort of excited to learn something new and very excited to be making more money to contribute to our family's finances! I'm going to be working three days a week out of the house, which still leaves my Tuesdays and Thursdays at home with MJ, and in even more exciting news, Luke and I are going to be able to share rides to and from work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! I'm very much looking forward to family chats in the car on our commutes together.

To add to the random assortment of topics for this post... last week, we picked out a new (to us) camper that we will hopefully be signing the paperwork for next week, and I got a new (to me) vehicle, too! A nice shiny black Toyota Rav4 with heated seats and a sunroof and a bigger engine to tow said-camper with! We named her "Raven" and I am in love. Now we're both anxiously awaiting our first camping adventure of the season Memorial Day weekend!

I hope you're all surviving this bitter cold. If you need me, I'll be here with my warm slippers and hot coffee! Cheers!

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