Holiday Recap

The Christmas tree is down; the mantel has been effectively switched over to a "winter" theme instead of straight-up holiday; the house is rid of any and all ornaments, Santa hats, and garland; the champagne has been toasted and the ball has dropped; and just like that... the holidays are over.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, dare I say the best one yet, and we all enjoyed a nice 10-day long vacation as a family (hooray for part time and teacher schedules)! This Christmas, we decided to put a limit on the amount of money to spend on gifts for each other and instead used a good chunk of our Christmas budget to give back to others. It was the most fun we've ever had leading up to Christmas, and the joy we brought others through simple acts of kindness was more exciting than anything we could have opened up under the tree Christmas morning!

As expected, Marleigh was a ton of fun this Christmas and loved opening all of her presents - and everyone else's too! We bought her a mini recliner chair, some Mega Blocks, and a couple shirts from Old Navy, and she was plenty spoiled by all of her aunts/uncles and grandparents.

We had five different Christmas celebrations throughout a six day period, so our week was hectic, to say the least. But the craziness of it all made me feel so blessed to be able to get together with our families in cozy warm homes to enjoy good food and great company. There is never a shortage of love around here, and that is the greatest gift of all!

I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and more for Christmas. Cheers to a bright and promising 2014!

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