A photo of Marleigh once a week every week in 2014.

Contrary to what these portrait photos might lead you to believe thus far, I promise there are days that we get out of our pajamas and actually leave the house! Thanks to the Polar Vortex and unreasonably cold temperatures lately, however, that hasn't happened too often in the past couple weeks. So, until Mother Nature decides to give us a break and raise the temperature above, ohh, around 10 degrees, you get to enjoy photos of a warm snuggly MJ. Deal with it!

I had a few different photos to choose from that I had taken for Week 3, but this one seemed the most fitting. We've been trying to break Marleigh of her binky habit during the day, so we've been telling her that the only time she can have it is when she is sleepy and laying down. She'll come up to us, ask for her "beeee," and go lay down until we give it to her. Then, when she's ready to get up and play again, she'll pop the binky out of her mouth and give it back to us (most times). Such a silly little thing!

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