A photo of Marleigh once a week every week in 2014. 

Four weeks into this photo project and I'm finally caught up! This little series of photos of Marleigh playing captures our daily routine pretty perfectly, if I do say so myself. We play (lately she's obsessed with her Little People farm from Christmas - shown here feeding the horsey fake chips), she decides she's done playing and runs around the house like a little lunatic, and the aftermath of said playing is left scattered throughout the living room until we decide to sing the "Clean Up" song and pick up her mess.

Ever since Marleigh became mobile (at around 5 months old), it's been extremely difficult to capture any photos of her without her being a blur across the camera screen! One of these days I'll get her to sit still and get her to stop trying to push the button on my DSLR. She sure knows how to keep me on my toes!

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