Bye Bye Baby Weight! (another update)

Since my last "Bye Bye Baby Weight" post, I have dropped a total of 38 pounds, at least one full pant size, and a shirt size. I am now back to about the same as before I found out I was pregnant with Marleigh - with the exception of about 6 pounds. And not that pesky 6 pounds that I can't quite lose. I now weight LESS than I did before I got pregnant!

A few people have noticed the difference (which makes me feel so fantastic. Thank you, thank you!) and are asking me what I've been doing. Diet plans? Gimmicks? Those magical wraps that apparently shrink your fat cells and make you lose inches in a matter of minutes? Nope.

I've been watching what I eat, plain and simple. I snack less (more like never. Who has the time for snacking with a rambunctious 15-month old running around?), I drink more water and less soda, and I try to practice self control as often as possible when it comes to helping myself to an extra serving or indulging in a late-night ice cream sundae with hubby!

It hasn't been easy. For as long as I could remember, I was always the type that could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. I was athletic, I was active, and I was in good shape. Then college hit, and the roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss started. Add in having a baby and the weight gain hill the roller coaster was climbing was high. Too high.

Now that I've started losing the baby weight plus some, I feel so much better about myself. I still have a long ways to go and about 30 pounds that I would love to say adios to, but it feels good to step on the scale these days without feeling like I want to throw up. Not that the number is everything, because it's not. But it's a nice little bonus to looking and feeling better about myself!

Now... if only I can make it through the holidays without gaining back everything I've lost so far...! Back off, sugar cookies and bread dips. I've got a Michael Kors bathing suit to feel good in this summer!

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