MJ at 10 months

Well... Marleigh turned 10 months old on the 3rd, and it's now the 22nd, so it pretty much goes without saying that I completely dropped the ball on this update! Oh well. I'll still do my best to recap the month without giving too much away for the 11 month post that I WILL be on time writing for August!

{Definitely forgot to take the 10 month bear photo. I'm the worst}

At ten months, Marleigh has developed quite the little personality. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and you are in for it if you tell her no! She is strong willed and stubborn and at e same time, the sweetest little thing I've ever known. She gives the best open-mouthed baby kisses, is a fantastic snuggler (when she's sleepy), and when she randomly comes up and hugs me, it melts my heart every time!

She is crawling at turbo speed now, but we aren't quite brave enough to walk yet! She takes 4-5 steps on her own now before she realizes what she's doing and chickens out! She has mastered couch climbing, and works her way right up to sitting on the couch with no assistance. I think Luke is already getting excited to take her hiking in the Adirondacks when she gets a little older! She's a natural! ;)

Her favorite word is still "hi," usually followed up by "boo" (Bruce, my parents' dog), "dad," or sometimes something that sounds like "hi there!", complete with a backwards wave, my new favorite Marleigh-ism.

She loves to share (binkies, books, toys, and bottles), loves mooching off our plates for food (especially daddy's morning cereal), playing peek-a-boo, and tickles from daddy. She hates having her face wiped off after dinner, sitting still for diaper changes (this girl's core strength is unreal! Straight up sit-ups when you lay her on her back!) and when we take her puffs away!

At ten months, Marleigh experienced camping for the first time when we took a trip up to the adirondacks in our new pop up camper! She was such a good girl and seemed to love the great outdoors :) We leave in a couple weeks for another long weekend in the mountains, and Luke and I are both so grateful to be able to make happy family memories with her - even if she won't ever remember them!

I absolutely love this 10 month old age - the independence, sweetness, and sometimes sassiness of our little girl are so fun to witness as she comes into her own little person. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that she has been here almost a whole year already. It's the strangest thing how I can hardly remember life before her, like she's been here forever, yet at the same time I feel like she was just born yesterday! I may be in a bit of denial that I will have a toddler soon. She is going to be my baby forever, whether she likes it or not!

Happy ten months, mar! Mommy and daddy love you oh so much. You are our best little buddy and the brightest part of our days! 

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