Monthly Marleigh - 9 months

Am I terrible at blogging these days or what? Marleigh turned 9 months old on the 3rd and she's now closer to being 10 months old. I think I have been in a slight state of denial putting off this monthly update post. I can't even think about the fact that her first birthday is less than 3 months away. Just stop it, time! I'm begging you to let my baby stay a baby just a little bit longer!

At 9 months, Marleigh is so much fun! She's seriously like my little best friend and I absolutely love spending time with her. She's a little spitfire and definitely knows what she wants and when she wants it, which gets her into trouble every once in a while.. But overall, she's the sweetest, silliest little girl with a big personality - fake laughs, belly laughs, goofy faces, furrowed eyebrows, and -my favorite- plenty of hugs reserved for her mommy!

To keep from rambling on, here are a few of my favorite things about this 9 month stage:

- Teeth!* Marleigh so far has two lonesome little bottom teeth, with a few more visibly on the way. I finally gained the courage to let her eat "Puffs," which she loves, and I always sit in amazement while she eats them like such a big girl! *it should also be noted that, while baby teeth are insanely cute, the teething process s-u-c-k sucks. Hard.

- Not as many dietary restrictions. Going along with the whole teeth thing, we have really loved watching Marleigh discover new foods. Mashed potatoes (or any potato variety), kiwi, bananas, fluffs, ice cream (in tiny portions of course), lemons, pickles, and more! I still get paranoid about choking so I don't give her too many things to try, but we are slowly but surely adding more foods to the Marleigh menu!

- Personality. Marleigh sure does have a big personality for such a tiny little thing! She is stubborn and strong willed, goofy, adventurous, and so sweet (when she wants to be)! She always knows how to make me smile with her fake laughs and mimicking noises, she adds so much fun to my days with peek-a-boo and dancing, and she melts my heart with random moments of snuggling. Don't get me wrong -- there are days I want to rip my hair out and/or drown myself in a bottle of wine at the end of the day, but one glance at her sleeping soundly in her crib usually slaps me out of it!

- Belly laughs! Marleigh had her first laugh right around Christmas time (3 months-ish), but she's just recently started laughing more often, and I swear it is the best sound in the world! Her daddy always seems to be the best to get those real deep belly laughs with tickling, peek-a-boo, and smothering her with kisses, and she loves watching people dance and make fools of themselves! (and "Prancercising with her Mimi)

- Power naps. Marleigh does this thing lately where she will be playing and having a good ol' time and then, out of nowhere, she will decide its a good time to lay down and rest. She lays her little self down on the floor, puts her head down, and closes her eyes for a few seconds, then gets right back up and continues playing! 

- Morning snuggles. Lately, it seems Marleigh's sleep schedule has changed a bit and she's been waking up almost every morning between 5:30-5:45 for a bottle. Rather than sitting in her room rocking her, we usually just bring her into bed with us, give her the bottle, and let her fall back asleep in between us for another hour or two. If you haven't started your day with baby cuddles, you haven't lived! It's the best to have her zonked out in bed with us for those much appreciated extra moments of shut eye.

- Greetings! Marleigh's first official word was Hi, so it kind of goes without saying that we hear it multiple times a day! In the mornings when she wakes up, when either of us walk back into a room after being away for any amount of time, when daddy gets home from work, when she sees my parents' dog/cats, you name it! Her little voice saying hi is so stinkin' cute, and the excited little waves that accompany it are just as adorable!

People have been telling us that 9 months is such a fun age, and they weren't lying! It's so nice to have MJ as my little companion and I seriously cannot imagine my life without her!

9 month stats:
18 lbs. 5 oz.
29" long

Still fitting into 3 month onesies
6 or 6-9 month pants
9 or 9-12 month footie jams
Size 2-3 shoes/socks

Miss Marleigh,
Watching you learn and grow these past 9 months has been nothing short of amazing. It might sound silly, but you really are one of my best friends! I love spending time with you, being silly with you, and smothering you with hugs and kisses all day long. Even though you sometimes test my patience, I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world. You light up my life and I love nothing more than being your momma! Happy 9 months, my sweet girl. 

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