11 months of Marleigh

Hang on for a second while I choke back my tears...

11 months old. How did this even happen? I feel like it was yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and got to see the most beautiful little dot and flickering heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, and now we are a month away from having a toddler. Didn't I tell time to slow down the minute she was born? It must not have gotten the memo.


I was beating myself up about being so late with Marleigh's 10 month update, because I thought for sure I wouldn't have any new updates for this post. Boy, was I wrong! In the past couple weeks, even the past couple days, it seems that our little girl decided to grow up quickly right before our eyes. Every day, it's like she has a new favorite tone of voice or a new "word" (more like syllable). And, oh yeah, she started WALKING yesterday! Right across the room! My sentimental momma heart is so happy and so sad that my baby girl is getting to be so big!

At 11 months, Marleigh is still impressing us every day with her silly, sweet personality. She is still sassy, but in a funny good way (most of the time). She tests the limits and knows when she's being naughty, she finds nothing wrong with "hand slaps" when she continuously touches things she's not supposed to (and goes back for more with a smile on her face the whole time), eats anything and everything she can get her hands on (including and especially her cardboard books), and she's the. best. ever. at giving open-mouth baby kisses!

She still uses crawling as her main form of getting around, but in the past two days alone, she's gotten a whole lot more brave with walking. She's taken a few steps here and there for the past month or so, but lately, she is taking more like 10 at a time -- turning from one thing and walking to the next, walking across the living room, walking from her toy box to the couch, you name it. It won't be long until we're chasing her everywhere! 

She hasn't learned many new words since the last post, but so far, she knows: what a doggy says (woof woof), what a lion says (raaawrrr), what a cow says (mooo), and sometimes when she's feeling up to it, what a kitty says (yeeeow)! She says "All done" (aaaah duhh) when she's done with her dinner, has been trying to say please (either an "eee" or a "puh puh"), night night when we tell her it's time for bed ("nii nii") and of course, says "hi" every chance she gets! Another favorite "word" is Bruce ("boo"), which she calls every single dog and animal she sees -- in real life and in her books. She's a little smarty pants, and I swear her voice is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Marleigh is down to one nap a day for the most part, and is doing pretty good at sleeping through the night, give or take a few restless nights when we pull her into bed with us. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that we've been gone away from home so often with camping and visiting family out of town. It's hard to keep a good sleeping routine in the summer!

As far as clothes go, she's all over the place. She STILL wears her 3-6 month onesies (and they're baggy in the legs), 9 month pants, and 12 or 12-18 month pajamas. I bought her the cutest Minnetonka moccasin booties in the Adirondacks last weekend, which are size 3 and they still give her a little bit of room to grow. I'm looking forward to building her wardrobe up for Fall and Winter (don't tell her daddy ;) haha)!

Now... to find a way to stop the clock before September 3rd rolls around and my baby turns ONE!

Marleigh Jo,
 This 11 month stage has been my absolute favorite so far. You are so fun to be around and I absolutely love watching you learn and discover new things. You are so curious, so funny, so sweet, and so smart. I know I say it all the time, but I am seriously blessed to be your mommy. I love you, baby girl!

{Bear photo outtakes}

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  1. Shes adorable! Love the pictures!