I haven't posted lately about much besides me and that's no bueno. So today, I'm going to give a little recap on a few people making me proud lately!

My husband. Luke works as a technology/computers teacher at an inner city charter school in Buffalo. He teaches kids grades K-8, and sees every single student in the school throughout a 6-day rotation. His job is challenging, to say the least. It tests his patience and usually frustrates him, but he still wakes up every morning, puts on his shirt and tie, and heads off to mold hundreds of little minds. I am so proud of the teacher and the man that he is. And I know that these kids appreciate him and what he does, even if they don't always (or ever) show it. "Mr. Gill," I don't tell you enough how proud you make me, but you do. Every single day.

Our daughter. This little girl is growing to have a big personality, and when it's not filled with squeals and whimpers (temper, temper), she is the happiest baby around. I am a typical mom and beam with pride at seemingly little things she does, but I find something new to be proud of so often with our little miss Marleigh. How good she eats, how smiley she is at any given point in the day, how interactive she is with her "friends," how personable she is when she stares intently at people's faces, you name it. Also, out of the many times we've taken her to out with us, (church, grocery stores, people's houses, etc.), we have only had one time that we had to take her outside because of her being noisy... and it was only because she was mid-poop! She really is the best.

My father in law. Luke's dad is in the oil & gas industry, and every day, he is faced with crazies who oppose his business (and sometimes, people who threaten him personally. Ugh). He is almost always at his computer after-hours or checking his email on his phone, and is one of the hardest working and most knowledgeable people I know. This past week, Buffalo Business First put out their list of the 200 Most Influential People in Western New York, and he made the list at #147! If that's not something to be proud of, I don't know what is!

Thanks for reading my little brag sesh about a few of the wonderful people in my life! I hope you're all having a very happy Friday-Eve! Stay safe and warm this weekend – this snow storm is supposed to be a doozy! *Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow* ;)


  1. Your daughter is just the sweetest thing! Those eyes!!! :)


    1. Thank you so much! We're quite fond of her over here ;)