5 months!

Stop it right now, time. You are going way too fast!

Marleigh turned 5 months last Sunday, and we have lots of updates to note this month, so get comfy because this is going to be a long one!

For starters, she has mastered rolling over, and flips to her belly within seconds of laying her down on her back. Every now and then, she gets "stuck" on her belly and yells at us until we turn her back over, just so she can flip back over again immediately... little stink! She's rolled from her belly to back a few times now, so it's only a matter of time until she's rolling her way across the room!

Along with rolling, she has also started the "scoot". I notice this most in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work, and she's getting quick at it! I'll put her on her back on her blanket with a couple toys, and before I know it, she's somehow made her way to the other side of the blanket and to the entrance of the bathroom! I have a feeling she'll be crawling soon, which makes me so excited and sad at the same time! Slow down, baby girl!

We started feeding her rice cereal after her 4 month appointment in January, and a few days later, we were given the go ahead to start with veggies and fruits. Little miss is a piggy! She loves her food and will "Growl" and open her mouth wide until we shovel more food in! We have yet to feed her anything she doesn't like. She's a good little eater, and when she doesn't blow raspberries in-between bites, she doesn't let much go to waste in the food department!

She's also starting to learn how to sit up on her own, and will do it for a few seconds at a time before she topples to one side or the other (always with mommy or daddy there to catch her, of course). She loves grabbing at her piggy toes, and is completely mesmerized by her hands! Chewing her fingers, or just staring at her hands can buy us at least 10 seconds of quiet time.

Marleigh also LOVES to read books and tries to grab at the pages every time we read with her on our laps. She will usually sit still and quiet for an entire book, even the lengthy Dr. Seuss books! She especially loves "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and anything with bright, vibrant colors on the pages.

After a couple weeks of hell in the sleeping department last month, we've started a pretty strict bedtime routine as a family and it seems to be working pretty well (knock on wood). Dinner at 6:30, quiet play time for an hour, bath at 7:30, baby massage from mommy after the bath, jammies, a bottle and a bedtime story from daddy, and asleep by 8:00 until usually 6:30 (give or take). We've been doing this for a couple weeks now, and we've gone from waking up around 7 times every night to just about 3, on average.

We've also cut out her nighttime feeding, and she seems to be doing pretty well with it. The only reason she seems to be waking up lately is if she gets uncomfortable and wants her binky to soothe her back to sleep – so Luke or I walk into her room like zombies, stick her binky in her mouth, cover her back up, and we all return to dreamland within a minute or two. We also think she's cutting her first tooth, so the past couple nights have been rough to say the least. We're both looking forward to when she sleeps through the night uninterrupted more regularly!

Marleigh has just graduated to size 2 diapers, and drinks 5 whole ounces of formula at a time now (sometimes 6 in her bedtime bottle). She is wearing 3-6 or 6 month pajamas, 3-6 or 6 month onesies, and 6 or 6-9 month pants! She's still a skinny little thing, but she's getting some of those famous baby rolls on her thighs and they're the cutest fat rolls I ever did see! ;)

Our days home with her are constantly filled with sweet baby noises – coos, growls, gurgling, and raspberries, and she has the fake cough down pat! She also loves when we tell her how terrible her fake cough is. It's always followed by a big gummy smile!

Rolling over
Mommy's stuffed duck (yes, I still have stuffed animals. Don't judge me)
Mr. Raccoon
Pulling mommy's hair
Touching mommy and daddy's faces (one of my most favorite things)
Reading stories
Baby food
Bath time

Being left alone in a room (heaven forbid one of us has to go to the bathroom!)
Playing with one toy for long periods of time
Getting "stuck" on her belly

It's hard to believe you have been here for almost a half a year already! You are growing so much, so fast, and daddy and I love discovering new things about you every day. You make us so proud with your wonderful little personality, and you bring more love into our lives than you will ever know! I love you with all my heart, baby girl. And more every single day!


  1. 1) Marleigh and the bear together is seriously cuh-ute.
    2) Your design skills are mad.
    3) Marleigh is probably the best little girl name ever given.

    1. Thank you so much! :) We're pretty much in love with her name, too! And thanks for the compliment on my design! I'm a beginner at best, but I try!

  2. marleigh?? that's my name too... except mine is spelled: marli. :) i love meeting people with a rendition of my name because it's kinda rare.... i have never seen it spelled your way...so beautiful.

    loving your blog.