Thanks, 2012

The presents are opened, the tree is down, and our Christmas vacation has bid its sad farewell. To pay homage to what was undoubtedly the best year of my life (so far), here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments and memories of 2012!

After weeks of sickness, three negative pregnancy tests, and my hypochondriac self absolutely certain I was dying, I dragged myself to the OBGYN and doctor. My OB told me I had the flu. My doctor told me it sounded like I was pregnant (even though the tests said I wasn't). Thankfully, I got bloodwork taken to try to get to the root of the "probelm".

That weekend, we celebrated Luke's 23rd birthday with a surprise get-together with family and friends.

On January 16th, at around 10:30 AM, I got a call at work from my OBGYN: "Turns out, you are pregnant!" The scariest/best day of my life.

A week later, we got our first look at our little gummy bear!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with sparkling grape juice, cheese and crackers, a movie, and a blanket fort. It was perfect.

We finally told the world that we were expecting, and publicly celebrated the soon-to-be Baby Gill!
We watched in awe as my bump grew and grew.

We found out our "Baby Gill" was a baby GIRL, and excitedly planned for the arrival of Marleigh Jo!

We traveled south for our last getaway before we became parents and enjoyed a relaxing, sunny week in Myrtle Beach.

We celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mommy-to-be!

And got a 3-D ultrasound view of the cutest little face I've ever seen.

Celebrated 5 years with my amazing husband!

We were surrounded with so much love at our baby shower, and celebrated my dad's 50th birthday!

I tried not to die from the unbearable heat and my awful swollen cankles and fingers!

Due date month (or so we thought)!

Our prayers were answered and Luke landed a job teaching technology & computers at a charter school! Hallelujah! 

We anxiously awaited the arrival of our little girl. And waited... and waited... and waited some more.

I started having contractions early in the morning on September 1st. Luke was the best man in our best friends' wedding (that I sadly had to miss) that day. I stayed home on my exercise ball while Cait walked down the aisle and became a Mrs!

Luke rushed home after the ceremony and we made our way to the hospital, only to be sent home later that night.

The next day, on September 2nd, the contractions were getting worse, and we finally got admitted to labor and delivery at around 3PM.

On our one year wedding anniversary, September 3rd, at 4:23 AM, we welcomed Marleigh Jo into the world! It was the best day of our lives by far. (Look how tiny!!!!)

Time began to fast forward and Marleigh turned 1 month old!

We celebrated my birthday with our first date night out.

Marleigh enjoyed her first of many Halloweens as a shark!

Our little girl turned 2 months old!

I went back to work...

And we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of three.

Marleigh turned 3 months old!

And met Santa.

We had our best Christmas yet!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

In 2011, I thought I had the best year ever - marrying the man of my dreams, moving into our first home together, and experiencing life as newlyweds.

Then 2012 came around and showed me what I was missing. It was truly a year for the books. Luke and I traveled together, laughed and cried together, grew together (literally and figuratively!), and had many prayers answered. I got to experience the joys of pregnancy, and both of our hearts grew more than we ever thought possible with the birth of our beautiful daughter.

God blessed us with so much goodness in 2012, and we will forever be grateful!
Here's to an even better 2013, if that's even possible!


  1. Loved looking at your beautifully blessed year! God is so good :)

  2. just found your blog...sounds like you had an amazing year! :)