A garbage man and a smile

This morning, I was inspired by a garbage man.

We have been gifted with a glorious winter warmup today, as the temperatures hit a record high of 67 this morning (and will be falling to the 20's by tomorrow... but that's beside the point). As I was driving into work, I passed a garbage truck making its weekly rounds, and on the back of this truck rode the happiest garbage man I have ever seen.

On this balmy day, the man was in his dirty jeans and t-shirt and neon yellow vest, hanging on the back of the truck waiting to leap off for the next pickup. I came to a stop at the stoplight on the opposite side of the road and looked a little closer at him, immediately noticing his happy demeanor.

A giant smile, and the warm wind blowing through his curly long hair. My heart was happy at the sight of him. If he can be this happy collecting garbage, I have no excuse not to smile today.

Thank you, mister garbage man. Your contagious smile and obvious happiness blessed me more than you know!

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