4 month update

Can someone please tell me where the past four months have gone? Little miss Marleigh is getting bigger by the day and changing right before our eyes!

This month has been a big one in milestones for our little peanut. She's getting so very smart – interacting with all of her toys, grabbing at whatever she can get her hands on (especially mommy's hair..!), and mastering the fine art of growling, yelling, ooo-ing and aah-ing. Most recently, she's discovered that if she tries hard enough, she can get a fun little gurgle going, and her voice is the cutest sound I've ever heard! Daddy finally got her first giggles out of her the week of Christmas, but she unfortunately hasn't done it since. (Sidenote: we both cried when she did it for the first time. haha) Hopefully she will grace us with her laughter again soon!

She is SO close to rolling over (back to belly) and likes to hang out on her side lately, which makes me so proud and sad at the same time. She's also trying her best at holding her own bottle, and is pretty good at it  until she gets too excited and flips it out of her hands. Such a big girl!

As you can probably tell from the blur of this month's picture, it's getting more and more difficult to make her sit still. She's constantly trying to sit up on her own, and lunging for and "eating" everything in sight!

Luke and I are having so much fun watching her develop her little (big!) personality. Her "talking" and quirks crack us up all the time, and we're still so amazed at her (I feel like I say this every month).

At 4 months old, Marleigh is wearing 3-6 month onesies, 3-6/6 month jammies, and even fitting into some of her 9 month clothes! Her feet are a perfect size 2 (but not for long, I'm guessing) and her head finally fits into her winter hats!

Our little string bean is weighing in at 14lbs and 25"! Tall and skinny like her daddy!

Playing with her snail from Avalee
Kicking her piano and talking to her friends on her playmat
Playing in her exersaucer (especially staring at the butterfly)
Attacking Sophie's face
Attacking mommy & daddy's faces/shoulders (Dino baby!)
Chewing on her hands
Growling / yelling / gurgling / blowing raspberries
Mr. Raccoon
Reading stories
Watching the fishies from her projector
Taking showers
Playing with her tongue
Rice cereal! Mmm!

Waking up (she has such a hard time opening her eyes!)
Being bored / hungry (obviously)
Playing alone for long periods of time

Marleigh Jo,
You are by far the biggest blessing of my life. Your smiles in the morning light up my whole day, and I look forward to your snuggles and noises all day long while I'm at work. You are growing to be such a loving, easy-going, goofy little girl, and you provide daddy and me with endless entertainment. These past four months have been the greatest months of my life, and I know that the best is yet to come! I am so proud to call you my daughter! Happy 1/3 birthday! 

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