Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday!

If you're like me, you're three cups of coffee deep and your eyelids are still fighting to stay awake today. Our long Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful, busy, and exhausting... but it was so nice to soak up time with our families and watch Marleigh experience her first Thanksgiving. She celebrated by taking tons of naps, eating her usual formula meals, and getting tons of lovins from her grandparents, aunts, and uncles (and mommy and daddy too, of course)!

Here's how we celebrated our turkey day, in a nutshell:

Thursday: We got dolled up and headed over to Luke's uncle's house for the Amico/Italian Thanksgiving. We ate, we drank, we were somewhat merry. After that, we took a trip up the hill to Luke's dad's place, where we enjoyed many-a-game of Wahoo, BLT's, The Grinch, and cozy quality time.

Friday: Luke's sister Rachel and her boyfriend Zach came up to our place for a yummy breakfast, an afternoon of Bigfoot Hunters, and then my parents joined us all for a delicious steak dinner. When my parents left, we once again headed up to Luke's dad's house for more Wahoo, lots of laughs, and a slumber party.

Saturday: We woke up early-ish and started the Gill Thanksgiving celebrations. The boys went to pick up our food from Chef's (spaghetti parm, yum), Luke's dad fried the bird, and Rachel snuggled with Marleigh while I was in the kitchen making stuffed mushrooms. The whole gang arrived at around noon, and we stuffed our faces with delicious food, decorated the tree, played even more Wahoo, and had a really nice visit. When we got home Saturday night, we decorated our freshly painted mantle for Christmas, strung the lights, and went to bed.

Sunday: We got up and went to church, where we played with glow sticks, sang songs, and watched little babies get dedicated (I'm still a little too nervous to get Marleigh up in front of the church for this. In time... In time). After church, we bundled up and went off to meet Luke's mom/step dad/brothers to cut down our Christmas tree. Despite the trillion layers we put her in, it was much too cold for the baby, so Rachel and I made the executive decision to wait in the heated cabin while the rest of the fam trudged through the snow. After that little adventure, we headed up to Luke's mom's house for her famous lasagna and another day of quality family time!

We finally got home last night at around 8:00, got Marleigh swaddled and fed, and hit the hay at around 10:00... Only to then wake up again at 2:30, 5:15, and 6:25. Needless to say, I'm ready to get home tonight, get into my PJs, and enjoy a relaxing evening with just the three of us! We have Christmas music to listen to, Monday night TV to watch, a big beautiful tree to decorate, and two chubby baby cheeks to smother with kisses!

PS: I realize how bad I am about taking pictures, and I apologize. Add that to the top of my New Years Resolutions list!

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