The Waiting Game

If you know me, you know that patience is not one of my strongest attributes. I'm the girl who hates surprises because I just want to know now. And you better believe I will ask you at least five times if I can give you your birthday/Christmas gift early because I just cannot stand to wait any longer. Being late gives me anxiety, and I get even more frustrated when other people make me wait.

Well, wouldn't ya know... Marleigh is already testing her momma's patience.

Yesterday was my due date. We're a day late and a baby short, and if I thought I was anxious/eager/impatient to have our baby a couple weeks ago, I had no idea. We're playing the waiting game, and I can't help but feel like I'm losing.

I had a doctors appointment this past Monday, the day before my due date, and had a serious ugly-cry meltdown in the room when I was told that I'm still not dilated at all and can't be scheduled to be induced for at least another week. My pregnancy hormones and insanely itchy belly, swollen feet and sore pelvis had officially gotten the best of me.

After that, I was in a serious funk all day. In-between tears, I forced myself to remember the good in it all... the baby girl who isn't ready to come out yet, but has a strong healthy heartbeat and is waiting head-down for when she's ready to enter into the world.

Luke and I have been trying our best to laugh through our frustrations. We both agree that we really shouldn't be surprised about Marleigh's stubbornness. She has two of the most strong-willed parents in the world, and apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Despite knowing that she will come when she is good and ready, Luke has been trying to coax her out by telling her she doesn't know what she's missing, and he's right.

On top of our impatience, the timing of everything is causing us some serious stress. Our best friends are getting married this weekend, and Luke is the best man in the wedding. And, if that's not bad enough, if she doesn't come before then, Luke's first day teaching is on the same day as my next doctor's appointment, after which I'll be scheduled to be induced - meaning he'll most likely have to miss a day of school on the first week of classes, which is far less than ideal. Either way, we're ready for the challenge as long as there's a healthy bundle of joy to snuggle in the end!

I have an appointment tomorrow for a biophysical profile screening to make sure MJ is still comfy cozy and has everything she needs to stay in my belly for another week until she comes naturally or I get induced. Until the time comes when she's ready to meet us, I'll be comfy at home working from my couch and waiting...waiting...waiting to hold my baby girl. I've gone 9 whole months growing this little human. What's another few days? In the end, I know that she will be well worth the wait.

Swim toward the light, Marleigh! We can't wait to meet you!


  1. I feel your pain! I am still 10 days from my due date but hearing the words that you haven't dilated or anything at all yet are the worst, I could have sworn my baby had dropped and I was at least dilated... but nada... in fact she's not even in my pelvis yet! This is definitely the hardest part, the waiting game! Hopefully you will be meeting your baby girl very very soon..good luck!!

    1. I'm sure she'll drop soon and you'll be perfecting the pregnancy waddle in no time! ;) Thanks for the comment -- fingers crossed we both get to meet our little girls soon!