T-32 Days

How far along?
35 weeks! Just under 5 weeks to go until baby girl’s due date! (cue minor panic attack)

Maternity clothes?
Yes, and getting so sick of them all!

Pretty good lately, actually. Still getting up at least once in the night to go to the bathroom (make that 3 times last night), but other than that, no major complaints.

Best moment this week:
Our entire weekend this past weekend was the best. We spent every night watching movies snuggled up on the couch, and I got to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday until after 9:00. That hasn’t happened in I don’t even know how long! It was a wonderful weekend of relaxation... just what the doctor ordered for this sleepy momma!

Miss Anything?
I miss being able to put my pants on without feeling like I’m going to topple over. Also, being able to walk/sit/do anything without my pelvis feeling like it’s cracking in half. I never wanted to be one of those pregnant women who “waddles,” but now I totally understand it (and fighting with everything I have to walk normally)! While we're at it, let's add a few more things to this list, shall we? Shaving my legs in under 40 minutes (and without the help of a handheld mirror), being able to actually reach the sink while doing the dishes, getting out of bed without having to hoist myself up... (to be continued)

My belly is a near-constant wave of baby wiggles and squirms, with a couple big ninja kicks mixed in here and there. It’s quite entertaining to watch Marleigh move around inside of me – and Luke and I spend a lot of time just staring at my belly and laughing at her!

Food cravings:
Nothing this week, really. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Girl :)

Labor Signs:
Still nadda. I’m hoping that Marleigh will stay cooking for at least two more weeks (until full term) before I start experiencing any sign of labor! Fingers crossed she cooperates!

Achey back, swollen feet (flip flops at work are totally appropriate for pregnant women, right? right.), tired almost all the time (when does the "nesting" stage kick in?!), sore pelvis.

Belly Button in or out?
It still hasn’t made up its mind.

Wedding rings on or off?
Usually on (just the wedding band), but it depends on how cruel mother nature is being with the humidity.

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy, but getting ready to be back to my normal, non-pregnant self!

Looking forward to:
Meeting this little peanut! I’m getting so incredibly anxious to welcome her into our world, but I want her to keep growing strong in there for a few more weeks until we greet her. I’m also really looking forward to fall and cooler weather, and I can’t wait to be home for 10 weeks on maternity leave during the best season of the year! Cozy blankets and sweaters, lots of snuggling inside with candles lit, and brisk family walks at night with daddy! Life is going to be so good.

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