The final stretch – 27 weeks!

How far along? 
27 weeks – hello, third trimester! It’s nice to meet you! 

Maternity clothes? 
Trying to avoid at all costs. Stocking up on tanks and maxi skirts/dresses. Pants are overrated anyway, right? 

We’ve been house sitting for my parents this week while they’re in Mexico, so sleep has been hit and miss. Their bed is extremely comfortable, but I miss sleeping in our cozy little home. 

Best moment this week: 
Can't really pinpoint just one this week. Probably all day Monday – going to garage sales, decorating my office at work, having a lazy movie day, and spending quality time with my love. I wish every weekend could be a long weekend!

Miss Anything? 
Seriously missing my blonde hair. This little mommy needs some highlights, ASAP.

Baby girl is getting antsy in there! Kicks, punches, dancing, and I think I even felt her flipping around the other night. Still loving every single time I feel her move, even though some of them are starting to jolt me!

Food cravings: 
Nothing too extreme to note this week!

Anything making you queasy or sick?


Labor Signs: 
Nadda. Still hoping I don’t experience the Braxton Hicks contractions until we’re much closer to the due date! 

Swollen hands/feet, tiny bladder, and my sore ribs are making another appearance lately. 

Belly Button in or out? 
I’m honestly not even sure how to answer this question anymore...!

Wedding rings on or off? 
It's day to day. I had to take them off for a day or so over the weekend because of the swelling. Squeezed them back on my fingers because I felt so weird without them! I think it might be time to invest in a fake set. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: 
Happy as a clam.

Looking forward to: 
The baby shower in a few weeks! I’m so excited to see all of our friends and family!

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