Marleigh Jo - 21 weeks

How far along? 
21 weeks – past the half way point! Crazy!

Total weight gain: 
12-13 lbs. Not too shabby so far.

Maternity clothes?: 
I've resorted to the ol' hairtie around the pants button trick on my maternity dress pants. Looks like I should have been thinking ahead on that one! I'll definitely be needing to stock up on more shirts too as summer rolls around. My old tanks are stretchy, but they're not THAT stretchy!

No bueno these days. This week has been awful in the sleep department. Pretty intense rib pain is making it difficult to get comfortable anywhere – sitting, standing, laying down. Imagine your ribs feeling bruised and squished 24/7, and that's my life lately.

Best moment this week: 
Yesterday when Marleigh decided to have a nice little dance party in my belly after lunch! Apparently she's a Dierks Bentley fan like her momma!

Miss Anything?: 
On vacation, I missed margaritas and champagne like nobody's business. But now that we're back home and back into our usual routines, I'm not missing much besides my sleep! Although I guess I should get used to that with a newborn on the way, huh?

Tons yesterday, a few little bubbles here and there so far this afternoon! She's getting lots more active in there, and I absolutely love it!

Food cravings: 
They vary from day to day. I've been trying not to give into all of them... but sometimes a glass of ice cold lemonade and an ice cream cone are totally necessary.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Girly girl

Labor Signs: 
No! Although we did meet with the doctor who will be delivering our peanut, and after he told me he "doesn't believe in pain," (AKA is 100% on the epidural team and will do whatever it takes to keep me from suffering), I'm feeling much better about going into labor when that day happens 4 months from now!

The swelling in my fingers is starting slowly, and the dreaded stretch marks are trying desperately to make their way onto my sides... one has been successful, but me and my cocoa butter army are doing everything in our power to stop them!

Belly Button in or out?: 
In... for now. I was hoping and praying that I wouldn't be one of those girls whose bellybutton pops, but it looks like it's inevitable. I can do this fancy little trick that Luke just loooves these days that involves me standing up and pushing on my skin to pop my bellybutton into an outie. I'm so attractive these days, you guys.

Wedding rings on or off? 
On! Hopefully for the whole time, although as I mentioned... finger swelling has begun.

Happy or Moody most of the time: 
Overall, I'm extremely happy. But the moodiness has started to creep up on me a little lately with the discomfort and lack of sleep. I'm just constantly reminding myself that it's not Marleigh's fault, it's my own body's fault, and that when these next 100-something days are over with, I am going to have a wonderful baby girl to show for all of this!

Looking forward to: 
Our next sonogram on May 15th and finding out if the placenta previa has corrected itself – fingers crossed! If it hasn't corrected, it means I'll most likely need a C-section instead of going the natural route – because delivering naturally could lead to some complications for both me and baby, and we definitely do not want that! Whatever it takes to get our baby girl into this world safely is what I am willing to do, and I'm not upset about the idea of having a C-section like many people would be. My mom had C-sections with both my sister and me, and we turned out just fine! Anyway... I can't wait to see MJ's squirmy little self on the ultrasound screen again in just a few short weeks! It's one of my most favorite things in the whole world.

Whew! Wordy update this week. Thanks for checking in on me and our growing little family! We're more than half way there, and I cannot believe that soon I'm going to be a mommy!! So exciting and scary at the same time – but mostly really exciting :)


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