Hello, Monday


As you can probably imagine, life is pretty hectic these days between just getting home from vacation, working, wifely duties, and spending time with my wonderful husband. Add everything we need to do to prepare for our little peanut, and our calendars are booked!

This past weekend, we ventured out to tackle the baby registries. After 20 minutes of terrible customer service at Babies R Us, we finally got started and tried our best to scan everything we think we will need for our baby girl. I wish I could go back and laugh at my newly engaged self back when we were doing our wedding registry and I thought that was stressful! Half of the things on the baby registry check-list were completely foreign to Luke and me, and we kept looking at each other with puzzled looks on our faces wondering what the heck is a play yard? Or do we really need a wipe warmer? We quickly figured out that a lot of the items on the check-list were silly, and completely unnecessary. Marleigh’s little bum will be just fine with a somewhat chilly wipe, and I’m pretty sure regular q-tips are the same exact thing as baby cotton swabs, are they not?

Anyway… we also went over to Target for a few things, and had a lot more fun there picking out toys and a crib and dresser set, and some fun items to use when we decorate the nursery. I still think we need to add some more to the lists so that people have a good selection to choose from when they go shopping, but we can always add things here and there and go online when we remember something that we may have forgotten.

We went to church Saturday night after our running around, which was really nice, because it gave us a chance to wake up Sunday morning and head to Lowe’s for some paint swatches and supplies for nursery projects that Luke is making. I’m so lucky to have a husband who is also great at building things like shelves, mantles, nightstands, and bookshelves! It’s going to save us so much money on Marleigh’s nursery, and she will have a room full of furniture that her wonderful daddy put his time and love into.

After our trip to Lowe’s, we went over to Luke’s dad and step-mom’s house for lunch and the guys helped split wood from some trees that Luke’s dad had cut down recently. I spent most of my day bonding with our niece, Avalee – trying desperately to get her to go down for a nap, which turned into the two of us (wide awake) upstairs for about two hours. I tickled her back when she asked me to (in between telling her to lay down and close her eyes), she acted goofy and laughed at herself, gave me lots of tummy pats and “hi bebe” ‘s, and learned her baby cousin “Mah-eey” ‘s name. Spending that one-on-one time with her made me that much more excited to have my very own baby girl to giggle with soon.

Speaking of which… I’m still in disbelief that this pregnancy is more than half way over, and it makes me pretty sad sometimes when I think about it. I’m so excited for Marleigh to get into this big crazy world, but I’m also not ready to end our time of just us just yet. I’m going to cherish these next 18 weeks as much as I possibly can, because I know I’m going to miss them when they’re gone.

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