Secret's Out!

Months of constant sickness, an ever-expanding belly, and 13 weeks along, it's finally time to announce the new addition to our little family.

Baby Gill will be here August 2012, and we couldn't be more excited! It has been absolute torture keeping this big news a secret, but we wanted to make sure our little peanut was growing good and enjoying his/her new home in my tummy before we told anyone other than our families.

This past week, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and saw a squirmy, precious little babe with a very strong heartbeat! I, of course, cried tears of complete joy, and Luke and I both breathed a big sigh of relief after more than a month of constant worrying. Our little guy/girl was moving "its" arms around, practicing swallowing, and even got a little case of the hiccups while we watched the screen in amazement! Although it kind of looks like a little alien right now, it's the cutest little alien we've ever seen, and we've never been more in love.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have this tiny little life growing inside of me, and can't wait for the next several months of this pregnancy! It's going to be an interesting ride, for sure, but all the sickness, weight gain, and mood swings will be more than worth it when we are holding our precious little bundle of joy!

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