Thankful Thursday

- these two sweet baby boys born into the world on monday. welcome, wyatt and ragan! i can't wait to meet you.
- my husband, his patience, and the fact that he's all mine forever.
- a hair appointment this saturday. the length of my hair is getting seriously out of control. not to mention the caterpillars on my face also known as my eyebrows.
- an unexpected phone call from my sister last night while i was putting dishes away and thinking about her.
- things starting to fall into place for my amazing parents. if you believe, you will receive..!
- the holiday season quickly approaching. can't wait for too much turkey and stuffing, sipping moscato with my sister in laws (sisters in law? sister in laws? idk), spending time with family, and our first holiday season as husband and wife!
- my amazing boss announcing yesterday that he's "shutting down the agency" for the week between Christmas and new years. a whole extra week of unexpected paid vacation. i love my job!
- going home this weekend while hubby's hunting, meaning lots of snuggle time with my puppers by the fireplace.

i left a whole bunch out, but that will have to do for now. lunch break is over. happy friday eve, my sweets. xo

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