15 questions to prompt your gratitude

1. Who do I appreciate? God. My husband. My sister. My parents. My Gill/Watt families. Friends that are family. Friends in general. 

2. How am I fortunate?
In too many ways to list. I'm healthy. I'm happy. I have a good job and an amazing husband. I have family who loves me unconditionally. I wake up and fall asleep every night in a warm home. I don't suffer from starvation. I have faith in God and have been blessed over and over again in my life.

3. What material possessions am I thankful for? My phone, to keep in touch with loved ones. Our home. My car. Pretty clothes in my closet.

4. What abilities do I have that I'm grateful for? The ability to speak, hear, touch, taste, see, walk. Many people take those for granted (including me). It's important to remember the basics. I'm grateful for my creative abilities, for the ability to love, laugh, enjoy life.

5. What about my surroundings (home/neighborhood/city/etc.) am I thankful for? The fact that it's almost December and it still hasn't REALLY snowed in Buffalo. This is nearly unheard of. I'm thankful for my safe little neighborhood, for my family that lives nearby, for the fact that when it does finally snow, it will be beautiful (and plentiful).

6. What experiences have I had that I am grateful for? All of them. I'm grateful for my education, for experiences in playing sports throughout high school, for getting married, for moving in with my husband after our wedding, and so on.

7. What happened today/yesterday/this week/this month/this year that I am grateful for? today – waking up next to my very best friend, rolling over to be the little spoon for just a few more minutes until the dreaded alarm went off. yesterday – having a spontaneous date night in, ordering a pizza, watching sit coms, snuggling on the couch; and then falling asleep together for two hours until we sleepily packed for the weekend and snuggled back into bed for the night. this week – having a short work week, and a 4-day weekend spent with family and friends. this month – beautiful weather, our schedule slowing down a bit, and Christmas right around the corner. this year – graduating college, landing a good job in my field, getting engaged, getting married, moving in together, starting our life, our first holiday season as husband and wife, good things happening for our families, our health, our happiness, our love.

8. What opportunities do I have that I am thankful for? The opportunity to change, to have important conversations with my husband and know he will never judge me for them. The opportunity to learn and grow together, to learn and grow professionally, to be.

9. What have others in my life done that I am thankful for? Loved me. Believed in me. Introduced me to what is truly important. Given me faith. Given me a brighter outlook on life.

10. What have others done that I am benefiting from in my life (even if I don't know who those people are)? Shared their faith and their stories with me and the world. There are a few women in the blog world who have really inspired me and given me the strength to share my faith and feelings more openly.  (The DaybookThe Wiegands, The Shine Project)

11. What relationships am I thankful for? The relationship I have with God. My ever-growing relationship with my husband. My amazing relationship with my parents. My relationship with my big sister, who is also one of my very best friends. My relationship with my in-laws, including brothers/sisters and niece.

12. What am I taking for granted that, if I stop to think about it, I am grateful for? Work. I like to complain a lot about early mornings, late nights, and frustrating projects; but when I take a step back, I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to have the job I have.

13. What is there about the challenges/difficulties I have experienced (or am currently experiencing) that I can be thankful for? I am thankful for God's timing in all things.

14. What is different today than it was a year ago that I'm thankful for? I'm married. I'm working full-time. I have someone who I can rely on, depend on, love, talk to, dream with, every day for the rest of my life.

15. What insights have I gained that I am grateful for? The fact that someone is always fighting a harder battle. I've learned the importance of being happy and thankful for all of the things in my life, even when it's hard sometimes.

Questions & post idea via The Shine Project.
When you get a minute, check out this amazing woman and the organization she started. Truly inspiring.

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