Monday's musings

Well... it's Monday night again. Another week has started, which means I'm another week closer to having to go back to work. I'm sitting on the couch in my comfiest sweat pants, my hair still in a towel from the shower I took an hour ago. Luke is sitting on "his chair" with the baby, and he's comforting her while she cries from a gas bubble in her belly. We've been watching the news all night trying to prepare ourselves for Hurricane Sandy, and I've been texting my sister back and forth making sure she's staying safe and sound in Maryland. We have our candles, lighters, lantern, and flashlights set out on the kitchen table, and I have bottles made up with purified water on the counter just in case we lose power tonight. I'm secretly hoping for bad but not too bad weather so Luke can have a "hurricane day" tomorrow and spend some time at home with us!

Speaking of spending time at home, Marleigh and I had one of the best days today -- staying in our jammies, soaking up lots of snuggles, and taking good naps together all day long. She even slept long enough for me to do the dishes and the laundry, which any moms of newborns out there can appreciate as being a pretty big deal. I've been truly loving every second my time at home with our precious girl, and I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about going back to work in a couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong. I love my job, and I know I'll probably fall back into my usual work routine and probably even enjoy getting back into to swing of things, but I can't help but feel like I'm going to miss out on so much of Marleigh's life by working 9-5 five days a week. I have cried quite a few sad mommy tears thinking of how it's very possible that I'll miss Marleigh's first giggle, first time crawling, first time walking, and so on. If only our money tree would blossom...!

I keep reminding myself, however, of how truly blessed we are even if I can't be a stay at home mommy. I am so thankful that my mom will be watching Marleigh for us during the days while we're at work. If I had to take her to daycare and leave her with strangers and a bunch of germy little kids, I would probably lose my mind (not to mention, the cost of daycare is just plain ridiculous). I have peace of mind knowing that she'll be in some of the best hands with her Mimi! I am also so grateful that I was able to take 10 full weeks of maternity leave thanks to an understanding company and a wonderful husband who realizes how important it is/was for me to have this time with our little peanut. I don't know how women go back to work after just six weeks off. It's not nearly enough, nor is 10 weeks, or even the 13 week maximum, and I wish the US would take notes from Europe (and Canada) on maternity leave policies. But I digress.

Marleigh is 8 weeks old today, which seems unreal. She's growing so fast, and I swear she is getting more beautiful by the minute! I finally got around to designing and ordering her birth announcements today (better late than never, right?), I've started filling out her baby book, and I'll do my best to post an update when she hits the true 2-month mark on the 3rd - teddy bear picture and all! I also want to write out her birth story eventually, but that's a project I'm just not willing to tackle at the moment!

For now, it's time to pour a glass of wine, snuggle in, enjoy the sound of the rain outside, keep our fingers crossed that we don't lose power, and watch some Monday night TV. Happy Monday, friends. Thanks for reading my random jumble of thoughts! Prayers for everyone in the path of Sandy. Stay warm and dry!

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  1. whoa, the dishes AND laundry...that is quite a feat. :) Liam barely wanted to be put down at all today, he just wanted to nurse and nurse...gotta take that 'free time' when you can!