Oh baby! 29 weeks

How far along? 
29 weeks! 

Maternity clothes? 
Samesies as always. My old shirts are slowly but surely getting too short to cover my growing belly! 

Eh… Our bed and I have a love/hate relationship. When I don’t feel like my back is snapping in half, I tend to sleep pretty well. But this week, those days are few and far between. Also… I’m apparently quite fond of 4am, and wake up every. single. night between 4 and 4:15 for a bathroom trip. 

Best moment this week: 
Welcoming Lukey home from his motorcycle trip on Sunday. Missed him so much while he was gone! 

Miss Anything? 
The 3” of hair that got chopped off without my consent last weekend. I just wanted a TRIM! Is that so much to ask for!? Also, I miss being able to wear cute shoes without my feet looking like I have a mild case of elephantitis! 

Experiencing some new kicks and wiggles lately. I can now feel her actually squirming around in there – getting cozy before bed and rolling around after lunch. It’s crazy watching my stomach move around with her! 

Food cravings: 
Got home from work last night and was craving ice cream like nobody’s business, so I convinced Luke to take me on an outing! We met up with Jessie, Brian, and Ava, too – which made it even better! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
I’ve been feeling little hints of queasiness in the mornings again lately. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been sleeping very well or because of the allergies I’ve recently started experiencing, but I’m hoping and praying the morning sickness isn’t making a comeback! 

Our girl! 

Labor Signs: 

Hmm where should we begin? Swollen fingers and feet – check. Headaches – check. Exhaustion – check. Achey all over – check. Rapidly growing belly – check! 

Belly Button in or out? 
More and more of an “outie” every day. 

Wedding rings on or off? 
I’ve managed to fit my wedding band on my fat little finger for the time being, but the engagement ring is MIA. Thankful now that I didn’t get them soldered together! 

Happy or Moody most of the time: 
Despite the discomfort, I’m still very happy most of the time. Bed time is rough, especially in the first few minutes of trying to get comfortable (before I give up and pass out from exhaustion anyway), but feeling Marleigh’s kicks and watching her movement makes everything so completely worth it. 

Looking forward to: 
Meeting our little girl! Luke and I have been getting so anxious lately for her to join us out in the world (even though we want her to stay cooking in there for these next 11 weeks). I can’t wait to see what her face looks like and be able to hold her in my arms, and to become a happy little family of 3 :)

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