Our Little Pomegranate: 23 weeks

How far along?
23 weeks

Maternity clothes?
Slowly but surely stocking up on my maternity wardrobe. Really frustrating when stores' "maternity sections" consist of approximately 2 racks of clothing to choose from. Thankful that Target at least has a decent selection, and Old Navy clothes seem to fit me well when I order online. I miss when shopping was fun!

Decent this week. I have good nights and bad nights with my rib pain, and more good than bad this week it seems, so I'll take it.

Best moment this week:
The best day on Sunday full of baby kicks, furniture making, and family BBQ's.

Miss Anything?
Sleeping on my back &/or stomach. 

SO much lately, and Marleigh finally kicked hard enough for her daddy to feel it this week! Best day ever! Also, this morning when I was mentally preparing to get out of bed for the day {a process that takes me approximately 25 minutes}, baby girl was kicking SO much that I decided to look down at my tummy and I could SEE her wiggling around in there! Craziest thing ever. I could not stop laughing!

Food cravings:
Fresh fruit {especially mango and strawberries}, lemonade, cookies {don't judge me}.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Not particularly.


Labor Signs:
NO. I'd like to wait at least 15 weeks for those to start!

The usual sore ribs and the start of some pretty painful sciatica. Thankfully my amazing sister sent me some massage oils and my wonderful husband has been pampering me with back rubs on a nightly basis!

Belly Button in or out?
In... hardly!

Wedding rings on or off?
On. No major finger swelling to note yet!

Happy or Moody most of the time:
Happy :)

Looking forward to:
Painting and decorating the nursery this month!

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