Thankful Thursday

This morning, I woke up thinking it was Friday... until I looked at my phone and realized I still have one more day for that. One... more... day. It's been a really busy week at work, hence why I haven't blogged at all this week, and home life still hasn't slowed down. At all. Anyhooser... here's my usual list of things I'm grateful/thankful for this week. I promise someday soon I will have more than just Thursday posts!

- Having Luke's little brothers to keep me company while we froze our bums off watching his hockey game on Saturday night
- New glasses {yay for no more hurtey eyes!}, fuzzy socks and a new winter hat
- Having a "slumber party" at our house with the boys; giving them their "brother time" and watching HGTV in the bedroom while they played ridiculously violent video games. Boys...!
- Showing Luke's mom & step dad our house for the first time; making a ridiculous amount of "Puppy Chow," Luke' favorite snack; and watching the Bills game {even though it was awful}
- Spending quality time with my handsome husband once everyone left. I love having company, but a quiet house all to ourselves is SO good sometimes.
- Indian Summer weather. 70 degrees in Buffalo... in November? Interesting.
- Seeing how excited Luke gets when the radio stations start to play Christmas music {even though it's way too early for me to really enjoy it}
- Finally moving forward on decorating our bedroom a bit
- Building things in the garage with Luke, my very own Mr. Fix It
- Playing our first game of "Widget Ball" for the season. We won. Of course.
- Going to Luke's sister and her husband's house tonight for more Widget Ball, wine, Christmas music.
- An entire Saturday afternoon with no plans. Seriously people. This is big time. We haven't had a Saturday at home together, just us, at all. I'm so excited!

And, the usuals:
my family, Luke, my job, our home, health, hugs, kisses, and happiness.

I hope you're having a spectacular day with lots to be thankful for. Happy Friday Eve!

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