Happy Friday!

This morning when I got to work, I was thinking of how happy I am that it’s Friday. Then I started thinking about my Fridays growing up, and how awesome they were. Sure, you might think that everyone’s Fridays are good, but when I was growing up, mine (and my sister’s) were extraordinary, and all because of our parents.

Every Friday when Tay and I were in school, we would get off the bus after a long week and be greeted at the door by our beautiful mother holding Happy Friday goodies! Now, you might read this and roll your eyes and think that we were the most spoiled little snots on the block, and you’re half right. We were (are) spoiled. But we were (are) not snots. Happy Friday presents were the highlight of our weeks, and we were always so thankful for our mom (and dad) for getting them for us.

We would get everything from Beanie Babies to mini nailpolishes, barrettes, lip glosses, and on one really happy Friday, we even got watch rings! My mom used to be so happy to give us our presents, and we were always so happy she did.

This may seem like such an insignificant or materialistic thing, but for some reason, those Happy Friday presents symbolize how wonderful and caring our parents are.

It’s so amazing to think how such a silly little thing can have such a huge impact on your life, and how it can mean so much to you – even 10 years later.

I’m so lucky to have such amazing parents who love my sister and I so much, and show us that love every single day. We may not get Happy Friday presents anymore, but we do still get the occasional email from our dad signed “143” at the bottom, and a constant stream of texts from our mom every night checking in to see how our days were.

No matter how old you get, you will always need and appreciate your parents’ love for you. Thanks, mommy and daddy, for being the best parents a girl could ask for – and for being two of my very best friends!

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