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TODAY... I'm having a good day. I slept so good last night and woke up this morning feeling well-rested, which hasn't happened in a while. Even though our house is freezing because neither Luke or I want to give in to this Fall chilly weather yet, I got out of bed without too much whining to myself. I threw together an outfit quick, brewed a hot apple cider (thanks, Keurig), and grabbed my keys. When I walked outside to get in my car and leave for work, I couldn't help but notice the sheet of frost/ice that would need to be scraped off, but guess what? Sammi doesn't have a snow scraper yet. I opened the door to my car to blast the defroster and Luke, being the wonderful guy he is, left his scraper on my front seat. Ah, thanks babe! I made it to work with time to spare, with no road rage on my morning commute. It's a Friday miracle!

Now, I'm sitting at work enjoying a cappuccino-flavored coffee, listening to wonderful music streaming through Pandora, and looking at a desk NOT piled high with paperwork and projects. My to-do list is slim, and will hopefully be completely checked off by the time I leave for lunch. 

There's just something about today that is making me feel completely happy. Have you ever had those days? Like everything is just going right for some reason. It's not even that there has been a significant moment that has made me happy. I guess it's just everything in general. Life. Is. Good.

It's honestly an amazing thing when you take a minute to reflect on your life, count up your blessings and find your happiness. Search for that light at the end of your tunnel, whether it's through a good song, a hot cup of coffee, or the feeling of being alive when you're hit in the face with the crisp fall air. Take advantage of those simple joys. Soak in the happiness. Smile like a weirdo for no reason. Take note of what it does for your day. I promise it will be good.

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