Mother's Day Wishlist

It's that time again – the time of year where I drop hints like bombs to Luke about what I want to do/have for Mother's Day. This year, I'm staying practical and only asked for these Ikea Ribba frames (we need 8, babe!) for our hallway, but if somehow we manage to win the lottery or fall into a large windfall of money between now and then, here are a few more things on my "Mother's Day Wishlist."

Sidenote: you know you're getting old when the only things you can think of wanting are things for your new house and/or clothes for your kids. I managed to find this pretty blouse from Anthro for myself just for good measure.

All of the outdoor items can be found at World Market, which I have recently discovered and fallen in love with for inexpensive decor items and fun home accessories. The bottom row is all from Anthropologie, where my online shopping cart is always full and never a purchase has ever been made. How's that for self control?!

We're going this weekend for an early Mother's Day "girls day" with my mom, my sister, and my Marleigh. I talked her daddy into letting her come with us to get manicures even though he thinks she's too little. She's so excited to get "yellow nails with a flower" and told me that I need to get my nails orange, so that should be interesting!

Anyhoo... now that all of my online shopping carts are full, it's time to press that little red circle at the top of my browser window and return to reality for the day. If only my current reality didn't involve seeing an inch of snow on the ground when I look out the windows... [sideye Buffalo]. Happy Friday Eve!

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