Henry Russell - 6 months

Half a year of Huckles. [Insert all the typical "time is flying" mom sayings here.] Our baby boy is getting so big and, along with that, is getting to be so much fun! The 5-6 month was a huge turning point for our Henry -- learning to crawl, holding his own bottles, sleeping pretty consistently through the night (sometimes with an early morning wakeup, but usually just one!), and did I mention crawling?! 

Huck makes his way all around the house now like a baby sea turtle. He's speedy and when he sets his sights on something, nothing can stop him from getting to it (looking at you, heating vent!). I think he learned to crawl so fast because he is desperate to be able to play with his big sister, who he is STILL obsessed with. One of our favorite games to play is having Marleigh walk away (making Huck's smile disappear) and then slowly walk back up to him (bringing back a big gummy laugh). We all love it, but maybe especially Marleigh! She loves her baby brother.

At six months, Henry is SO happy. His personality from the time up through about 4-5 months to today are like night and day. What started out as a fussy, crying, gassy little boy has turned into this little charmer whose gummy, dimpled smile is like a little beacon of sunlight. He always sticks his tongue out when he smiles, which is quite possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and his grin is contagious. It's hard to stay in a grumpy mood when he smiles at you (which he's lucky for when he wakes up at 4:45 AM and doesn't fall back asleep until everyone else in the house is awake). He's also started pulling himself up to an almost-standing position on the kick & play piano, just like Marleigh used to. I have a feeling it won't be long until he's furniture cruising...! Even with his crawling and almost standing up, Huck still hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet -- partially because he's too busy planning his next move around the room to sit still.

He is eating two full containers of baby food (stage 2) pretty consistently at every meal and gets angry when we don't let him hold the spoon or feed him fast enough. He loves the mesh feeder with frozen fruit inside, devours puffs, and still absolutely despises straight vegetable baby food. 

We have developed a pretty regular bedtime routine with him, which has helped his sleeping habits a ton: dinner between 6-7 (depending on if I work that day or not), bath time by 7:40 at the latest, "baby massage" and pajamas by 8:00, 6oz. of bottle while we rock him to sleep by 8:15/8:30. He loves his crib and will fight falling asleep in our arms until we put him in his bed (which sort of makes me sad) - unless he's really tired, and then I prolong the bed time rocking process as long as I possibly can! 

Huck is our little chunk. He has earned the nickname "Bubba," and rightfully so -- he wears size 6-12 month Old Navy/Baby Gap clothes (which run big), 12 month footie pajamas, and 9-12 month pants. The other day, we were short on clean clothes for him (since he still drools all over everything he wears), so I grabbed a gender neutral long-sleeve shirt out of Marleigh's drawer. A 6 month old and a 2.5 year old sharing clothes! Ridiculous.

This past month, we introduced Huck to the wonderful world of camping and he loved it! He was a total trooper the entire car ride there and back (32 hours total) and napped and slept like a dream baby in the camper, with the exception of the two parties he had at midnight when we stopped half way during our drives. He loved taking walks in the backpack carrier on daddy's back, playing in the sand at the beach (or face planting into it when he tipped out of the Bumbo, if we're being honest), and spending lots of time outside, which he has never really had the chance to do living in the tundra we call Buffalo.

These past few months with our little man have been such a joy. I cannot wait to see how much he continues to grow and learn this month! Even though time is moving at warp speed, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Watching his personality develop has been so much fun!

We love you so very much, Huckledoodle! Happy half birthday, bubs!

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