Henry Russell - 5 Months

This kid..!

At five months, Huck is growing leaps and bounds overnight. He has now started CRAWLING (the army crawl scoot), and he is all over the place trying to get his big sister's toys and eating all of the books in sight. He still loves his light up lantern from Aunt Jessie and Uncle Brian and he will crawl super fast to get to it every time we press the button to make it sing. 

He is also barrel rolling everywhere - back to belly and belly to back - but he still hasn't mastered the whole sitting up thing yet. I have a feeling it won't be long until he's full-fledge crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on the furniture. He's a little tank and we love every little bit of his chunky self! 

Speaking of his chunkiness, Huck is weighing in at over 16 pounds already and wearing at least 6-9 month clothes. His thick thighs don't fit into 6 month sleepers or pants, and he's filling out some 12 month clothes already, which is crazy seeing as Marleigh still fits into some of her 12 month shirts!

Although it started out a bit rocky, Huck's personality is the cutest. He is super smiley when he's happy and gives us endless amounts of giggles and belly laughs when we tickle him or make funny faces at him. He ADORES his big sister and the way he looks at her melts my heart. They are the best little playmates already and Marleigh is always telling us how excited she is that "Huck is getting big!" because she can't wait until they can play together. I'll remind her of that on the days when he is stealing her toys and pulling her hair soon, and annoying her non-stop when they're teenagers! 

Although he is still a little more high maintenance than Marleigh ever was when she was a baby (or at least how we remember her being), we have come to the conclusion that Huck's highs are higher and his lows are lower than hers were. Marleigh didn't give us giggles on a regular basis until she was about 6-7 months old, while Huck started giggling at around 3-4 months. And while she was pretty easy-going and never really made too much of a fuss, Henry will surely let you know when he is unhappy! 

Huck is still certainly a momma's boy, and he is super snuggly almost all the time. He loves holding hands, touching our faces (especially his daddy's beard) when we talk or sing to him, and he will rub his crib sheets until he falls asleep. He loves having blankets up near his face (which freaks me out a little bit - I always move them away when I notice it) and he nuzzles his head into our shoulders to let us know when it's time to get ready for nap/bedtime. 

We are feeding him baby food now and loves any and all fruits. He shiver/gags when we try to feed him vegetables, so we've gotten tricky and bought him a bunch of the pre-mixed blends from Gerber. Works like a charm! He will devour an entire container full of food at one feeding, and he's up to drinking 5-6 ounce bottles at a time, sometimes more.

True to Gill-baby form, he's not the best in the sleep department, although he is better than Marliegh was at his age (although that's not saying much). He's usually up anywhere from 1-4 times a night and sometimes decides that the hours between 3-4 AM are a great time to stay awake and chat until about 15 minutes before our alarms are about to go off. We just started "sleep training" him last night, so we'll see how that shakes out. Hopefully he will be sleeping through the night before we leave for our Myrtle Beach camping trip in a couple weeks! 

Five months is the most fun we've had with our Huckles so far, and we can't wait for him to keep developing into his own cute, quirky, sweet little self! 

Oh, Henny - You are the brightest little ray of sunshine in the mornings and our sweetest little snuggle buddy at night. We sure do love you! Happy 5 months, bubs!

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