Henry Russell - 4 months

These monthly updates always seem to sneak up on me somehow, and I might be in a bit of denial that our baby is already four months old! He is developing SO much every day, and I can't believe how much of a little person he is becoming.

At four months, Huck is growing like a weed. At his last doctor's appointment, he weighed just over 15 pounds and measures 26" long! He is filling out 6 month clothes and barely squeezing in 6 month sleepers. His chubby feet fit snugly in a size 2 shoe, and I'm pretty sure his hands are already almost as big as his big sister's! 

We got the go-ahead to start him on baby cereal/baby food this past week, and to say that he absolutely hates it is an understatement. You know that gag reflex you get after you drink a shot of tequila? The one that makes you shiver at the same time? That's how he looks when we spoon the cereal in his mouth. Every time. We thought that maybe mixing in the actual baby food might help since the cereal is so bland, but green beans, peaches, and apples all came back as a no-go. I guess we'll give it a little more time until we try to start him on it. For now, we can just keep chugging his 4-5 ounce bottles every 2 hours instead, and I'm okay with keeping him a baby for a while longer. 

Huck rolled over when he was about 3.5 months old (back to belly) and has flipped belly to back a few times since then. He loves playing in his exersaucer and it buys us at least 15 minutes at a time when we are trying to get things done, which is a major accomplishment around here! He also enjoys playing on his playmat, although he gets really frustrated at the baby in the mirror and at the fact that he can't quite put the hanging toys down far enough to eat them. 

He's still not sleeping too great throughout the night, and this past week has been a real doozy in the sleep department. With his four month shots making him a little out of sorts (decent fever, weepy, fussy, clingy) and the puppy waking up a few times throughout the night to go out, we're all feeling ready for sleep training (except maybe Huck. Sorry, bud). Luke has off next week for President's Day break and we are hopefully going to figure out a way to get this little rascal to sleep through the night! I absolutely hate sleep training but it worked wonders for Marleigh and now she is a super sleeper, so if Huck follows suit, it will be well worth the mom guilt I feel during the process.

Huck is still a momma's boy but he has been better lately about letting Luke rock him to sleep every once in a while, which is good! There are still times when he seems inconsolable and we can't figure out what he needs, and then Luke hands him off to me and he calms down after just a few seconds. It's nice that he loves me so much, and I try to soak in the moments as best as I can, even when I really have to pee or just want a couple minutes of alone time!

Marleigh has still been awesome at being a big sister and loves her little brother so much, even though she is 100% convinced that Huck is her sister. haha. Huck is obsessed with her and smiles so big every time she comes into the room, followed by giggles almost every time she talks to him. I cannot wait to watch their relationship grow over the years!

Aside from getting the puppy, this month has been a nice change of pace for us and we have been able to slow down a bit on the house projects. There is still a lot to do around here, but between feeling like walking zombies 90% of the time and trying to still maintain a sense of normal life, the projects have been put on hold a bit (mainly my fault because I have to paint the trim before we put it back up and I have been procrastinating big time!). 

But anyway, back to Huck. He is currently crying in his swing wanting to be held and rocked for his morning nap, so off I go! I'll leave you with this gem from the adventures of baby food. Enjoy!

We love you, Huckles!

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