Our first week as four

As we're approaching the start of our second week as a family of four, I'm finding it hard to believe that so much time has already passed since Huck has been in our lives. He is still so fresh and new, yet it seems like he has been a part of our family forever. I guess it's true what they say about the second baby -- they really do fill a spot in your heart that you didn't know existed.

We have been doing wonderful through the transition from three to four so far. Marleigh has been the best helper and such a loving big sister. She starts each day asking, "Where's Huck?" and ends each day with a kiss on her baby brother's forehead before bed, most times unprompted. There have been a few instances where she has gotten a bit jealous, but she has been good about using her words and not getting too upset; telling us to "put the baby down" or "put Huck in his swing" when she wants some undivided attention. We have been trying to give her the one-on-one time she needs without crossing the fine line into spoiling her too much. It is still taking a little bit of practice, but we're getting the hang of it!

Henry has been pretty kind to us in the sleeping department so far - going for about three hours in-between feedings and pounding down between 2-3 ounces of formula at a time. He is a grunter in his sleep, which makes it a little bit difficult for us to fall asleep when he's in our room (which is every night, because I'm a paranoid mother!), but I know that someday I will look back at these little newborn grunts and groans and miss them, so I try not to get too frustrated by it when I'm trying to get some much needed shuteye.

My days are definitely busier these days. Full of changing diapers (Huck is a pooping machine!), feeding bottles, making meals, taking care of the house, washing a trillion dishes (where do they come from?!), folding laundry (so many teeny baby clothes), drinking copious amounts of coffee and forgetting to eat most meals, and staying on top of my schedule for freelance work. But even more importantly, they are full of laughs from silly Marleigh-isms, heart-melting snuggles with our little man, new firsts as a family of four, and collapsing into bed at the end of each exhausting day next to the love of my life.

We have it pretty good, the four of us. I am so thankful for this beautifully blessed life.

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