Summertime Catch Up: Camping

Since fall is lurking around the corner, now seems like a great time to recap some of our summer on this little ol' blog of mine. We had a great the best summer ever as a family of 3, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying lots of quality time together! It was the first summer since Luke and I started dating that he didn't have to work full time at a lumber yard, so we definitely took advantage of his new teacher schedule and acted like gypsies for a good chunk of the time!

First things first, we bought a pop-up camper. I have high hopes to decorate it someday and turn it into a somewhat cute little thing (unless we upgrade before next summer, which is definitely in the range of possibilities at this point). Either way, we made lots of great memories in our little pop up this summer, and I am so glad that Luke decided to trade in his motorcycle for something a little more family-friendly!

Without further adieu, here is a nice little photo-dump from our camping trips this summer, both of which were taken in the Adirondacks: one at Piseco Lake and the other at Lake Harris. Both camp grounds were beautifully scenic with lakefront and mountain views. If you've never been to the Adirondacks, get there. It's magical (and it smells more amazing than any place on earth)!

We're already looking forward to camping season next year and starting to plan out our trips, including hopefully a visit to Northern Michigan!

To see more of our camping adventures, search #gillsgocamping on Instagram :) 


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  2. This is SO much fun! Love the idea of a pop up camper, I'm into glamping ;)

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